Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy Hunters

My boys had a few very successful hunts so far this season.
Colton was first. He was after an awesome buck that was at my parents' place. The grandsons drew numbers to decide the order they got to hunt for the buck. Colton drew #2. Luckily, he got his chance. He hunted with my dad early Saturday morning and saw the buck but missed him. He was eager to get back that afternoon and made a great shot! 
November 1st

Excited brothers, cousins and friends got to check it out!

Although the big trophy had been taken, they found another good buck to go after. Then it was Cooper's turn to hunt with Papa. He made a great shot and was a happy guy! 

November 8th

Excited cousins and brothers checking it out.
So special for the big boys to have these times with their Papa!
Now we have stocked freezers and so do our parents. The boys love to know when we are eating dinner that they helped provide. 
Lots of happy hunters around here! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Flag Football

Colton and Cooper played flag football this fall. It is through the district and is coached by the Canyon Varsity players. The kids love their coaches.

After they each just finished playing a game at the same time, different fields. 

We encouraged Colton to play this year because this was the last year he could play flag football. We figured if he wants to play tackle ball through the middle school next year, we want him to have some sort of experience. He really hustled and did so well. He looked like he had played before. Very fun to watch. He ended up really enjoying it and does want to try to tackle ball in 7th grade.

Unfortunately, Colton's team never got to together at the end of the season and I still haven't been able to get his trophy.= (

This was Cooper's second year to play. He loves it so much and he had a few of his buddies on his team. He hustles and does great! So fun to watch!

As usual, my boys have some amazing fans!!! Their grandparents rarely miss a game. SO lucky to have them cheering my boys on! 

 It was a great season!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Fall!

Welcome Fall!! Check out how much my boys are growing! 

Love them SOOOOO much!