Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sheep showing begins

Okay so my hubby and I showed lambs when we were in school. My hubby was really good at it! Now the boys are starting to show. We are raising sheep with my brother and his kids.(Right now it is just my two big boys and my nephew Landon. You have to be 8 years old to show.) On Sunday, they participated in their first show. It was the Canyon FFA chapter show. It was just a practice show but
they did so great!

                                    Cousins--raising sheep together! So much more fun together!
My boys with their good buddy Brayden
 Colton showed two of our sheep. He got a 3rd place ribbon with one of them. He surprised us by how calm and confident he looked. He did great! 

Cooper did great too! He worked so hard. His sheep got a first place ribbon. 

My nephew Landon's sheep got Grand Champion of the show! Awesome!

So proud of my sheep showers!

 They had the Jr. Showmanship competition, which is for those kids 8 and under. Too young to officially show. We talked Carter into doing it and Colton went in with him. He was so cute and Colton was a great help. Such a good big brother!

         My nephew Luke ended up winning the buckle for Jr. Showmanship. Awesome!!
He turns 8 this month. He can't wait to show next year! 

Luke, Livvy and Carter hung out and cheered on their big brothers.

These four will be fun to watch! 

It was a great first showing experience! I think my boys are hooked and we look forward to lots of fun to come!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Colton's birthday celebration

We started Colton's birthday with the traditional pancake breakfast and opening a few presents before school.

 The grandparents met us at TJ's Burgers for dinner and cupcakes that evening. =)

Then on Saturday, he had his party at a trampoline park called Spring Loaded. Such a fun place!! 

These boys played tons of dodge ball. 

Carter ran around and had a blast!

Brayden and Colton

Colton and Landon

Colton and Graham

Colton and Nick

Hayden, Colton and Luke

Colton has some great buddies! He had a great birthday! Loved celebrating my big 12 year old!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today my oldest baby turns 12 years old! Can't believe it! I can't begin to tell you just how proud of Colton we are. He is a hard working, super smart, witty, kind, God loving, handsome young man. Our boy made all A's in his first semester of middle school. Even though it was a hard adjustment, he has done so well and put in so much effort. He's a great role model for his little brothers and someone I love to spend time with. I love that he stills tell me everything and wants me around. He gives the greatest hugs and is quite the artist.
Here are some of his favorites right now:
Best friends: Ty, Daniel, Landon, Graham, Nick, Brayden, Luke and Hayden
Favorite subject: Pre-athletics
Favorite place to eat: Freddy's Frozen Custard
Favorite food: Burgers, Fries, Steak
Favorite dessert: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, fugde
Favorite candy: Hershey's chocolate bar
Favorite color: red
Favorite game: Minecraft and Skylanders Trap Team
Favorite sport: Baseball

Cody and I feel so blessed to be Colton's parents!

Happy birthday Colton Wyatt!!!! 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!!

We spent New Year's Eve with a great group of friends and had a great time. Mike and Ranessa hosted us all in their new, beautiful home. SO fun!

Colton and Hannah

 Ranessa made these cute cups for the kids to toast with. They had chocolate and sprinkle dipped rims. They toasted with milk. They loved it!

Happy New Year! Can't believe it is 2015! Bring it on! I feel sure it will be another fun filled, busy and blessed year!