Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another afternoon date ;)

Today was my afternoon date with Cooper. Since I had some special time with Colton last week, I wanted to make sure I got special time with Cooper too. He seems to be needing some one on one time lately. My Cooper is a really sweet and good boy but I can tell he is wanting some extra attention. That is just what he deserves. So I picked him up from preschool and surprised him with my plan to take him on a date. He was so excited and we went to see Diary of  a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules since he really wanted to see it too. Cooper loved it and I laughed pretty hard through the whole thing--again. ( I'm telling you, it is funny.)
Anyway, I cherished my little date today!! He is such a fun little guy and he is great company!! Love my Coops!
Of course, Cooper needed to pose by the cool big beach ball in the lobby.

Our "before the movie" shot. =)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poke in the eye anyone?

Seriously--I feel like such a goofball! Last night, I was cleaning my closet when I got injured. You are wondering how I could possibly get hurt taking care of this simple household chore?? Well, I was pulling a shirt off a wire hanger when the hanger popped off and hit me right in the eye. It was coming full speed ahead and landed right in the white part of my eye. Seriously!?!? I stood there in shock for a minute and then went to the mirror. When I saw that I was bleeding out of my eye, I woke my hubby. (You know I only accomplish things late at night so he was asleep.) After inspecting the damage, the decision was to see how it felt this morning. Well, it felt sore, my vision was a little blurry and I felt pressure in that eye. Since "the eye is nothing to mess around with", I got an appointment with an eye doctor. (My sweet Mama came by to keep the little guys.)  Luckily, it looks like I just have a yucky cut that some antibiotic drops 4 times a day should take care of. There is the off chance that the cut is too deep and the Dr. says if I start to have sensitivity to light, I will have a much bigger problem to deal with. But he says that would be rare. So I am saying a prayer that he is right. Right now, it feels pretty uncomfortable and I feel pressure from the swelling. Sooo I am off to get some "shut eye." ;)  Hopefully, that will help.
Okay~ since I am a goofball, I am sharing this picture of my eye. I know it is hard, but try not to laugh at me.  Oh and be careful with those dang wire hangers! ;)

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!! Here's what I am loving...

I am loving that Spring is here. I love decorating for holidays(I get that from my Mama) and Easter is one of my favorites! Most of what I have is simple and kid friendly. Here are a few of the things I love to put out around our house to spruce it up for SpRiNg...

I love anything with my boys names on it. These cute chicks are from Personal Creations.

Our kitchen table with new place mats. The little nest of chicks on the table plays a cute song and the chicks dance. Carter loves it!
On the bar in the kitchen.
I love books and here is a basket of Easter books on the hearth. The chick and bunny play fun songs and dance.
Switched to Easter Bunny attachment =)

This next little bunny so super cute. Someone hides him and then turn his hat to the I'm hiding now side, he will give the seeker clues until you find him. So fun!! 

My mantel, almost spring ready. I just need our recent live bunny pictures for the frames.

I also love these Family Devotional cards I ordered. They are awesome! Each card gives you a topic, a related bible verse, a family activity and some discussions questions. All on a level your children can understand! I ordered them through

I am especially loving that I will have a new niece or nephew in late September or early October. My brother in law and sister in law, Bobby and Hillary, are pregnant and we all couldn't be more excited!! Can't wait to snuggle with the newest Mueller baby!!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Time to link up with Carissa at lowercase letters and share some of randon thoughts again for Miscellany Monday.

This evening will be interesting. My hubby is in Chicago for work. Both Colton and Cooper have baseball games- starting fifteen minutes apart at two different, far from each other locations. So I have enlisted grandparents to help. Thank God for them!! I just hate that I can't be there to watch and cheer on both of my boys. When I looked at their ball schedule this will happen 7 times throughout the season. Geez! Hopefully, Cody will be in town for the rest of them though.=)

I am really bummed because my little man pulled my new camera(Nikon D3100) off the edge of the bleachers at Colton's baseball game and now it won't work. I need to take it in and hopefully the warranty covers what ever is wrong with it. The worst part is that my hubby tried to talk me into getting a "less fragile camera" but I loved the D40 I had before and I wanted another one like it. Now he gets to say I told you so. ;)

On Saturday morning we had the boys' pictures taken with live bunnies. They looked so cute in their coordinating spring outfits and they all cooperated!!  (Pretty impressive, since my sweet almost two year old refuses alot lately.) I cannot wait to get the CD back and share the pictures with you guys!

I can't believe I am planning my Cooper's 5th birthday party. He turns five on April 11th. Time goes wayyy too fast!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moonlight Gala

Some of our best friends Travis and Jenni invited us to go with them to the Moonlight Gala for the 75th Anniversary of Landa Park. We jumped at the chance to spend time with some of our favorite friends at a wonderful event. It was a dinner and auction to benefit the city's parks and recreation. Even though it was outside at the park's dance pavilion, the attire was "elegant" and the atmosphere was super nice! Lights in the trees, pretty centerpieces and a delicious meal catered by McAdoos(one of our favorite restaurants). When they said the entire was elegant, I dug way back in my closet and found a simply beaded, black dress that I wore years ago for my brother and sister in law's, Bobby and Hillary's wedding -10 years ago. I loved it then and still like it now. It was a pleasant surprise that it fit. ;) My hubby looked so handsome in his coat and tie.

Oh, there was a photo booth set up so you could have your picture as a party favor. We had so much fun being goofy with that. The first time Cody and I went in it, we sat there with our posed smiles, waiting and waiting with our plastered smile for it to take our picture. Then we finally realized we needed to press the button again. Goofballs!! Anyway, I love the pictures that come from those things!(ours is in the picture at the top of this post) Here are some pictures I took...

Me and my man
Me with Melissa and Jenni~~ love these girls!

Melissa and Clay

 We see you Clay ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Yankees Win!!

I have no idea  how the big league Yankees did, but Colton's Little League team won 7-0.
Last night was his first game. I have to say that his team is quite impressive and Colton did great! He did strike out his two times at bat but he has a great swing. His coach is really wonderful...encouraging and genuine yet tough enough to earn the players' respect. You could hear him yelling, "Great swing Colton" after each strike. =) Whenever that bat and ball decide to connect(hopefully at his next game), it will be awesome!! Colton had a chance to play in several positions and really enjoyed the game.  It was very fun to watch!

My cutie in the dugout

Setting up

He swimgs so hard that he makes that grunting sound each time.  =)

Ready postiton
After the game huddle

All five of us. ; )  Carter actually stayed in the picture. Yay!!

Opi and Omi with our Yankee

Mammy and Papa with our boy

Aunt Stacy, Jason and Maverick cheered him on too.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My afternoon date =)

Lately, Cody and I have been talking about the change we see in Colton. There is a new maturity that he has. There have been several occasions lately, where we have talked about what a good boy he is. He still has those silly, eight year old boy moments (thank goodness) but for the most part he is easy going and pleasant. He follows the rules at home and at school, works hard academically and with baseball and gets good grades(straight A student so far). I really wanted to do something special for my oldest baby. So since it was Friday and report card day(I knew the report was good), I decided to surprise him. The movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules started today and Colton has been talking about how bad he wanted to see it. So, I showed up to school to pick him up a few hours early. He was very surprised to see me there and was so excited that just he and I were headed to see the movie. (I think the leaving school early part was pretty cool too.)
I loved having this time with just him to chat  in the car and laugh really hard with during the movie. (It is hilarious! I highly recommend it.) My Colton is such a great person to hang out with. I love this boy so much!!

We had to pose by the really large beach ball advertising the upcoming movie Rio.

The photo we took as we waited for the movie to start. =)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just thinkin'

The other day I was thinking about how I used to hate feet. I mean really get grossed out by them. Oh, don't get me wrong, I sure don't want to get near yours or have you touch me with them but there are six feet that I actually want to touch. I know there will be a day when these six feet will be big, stinky and will probably be tripping over each other, but for now I love them. Can you blame me?

This picture was taken when Carter was about a month old. Sighhh--where does the time go? ;) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time to share some things that I am loving this Wednesday.
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I am loving that on our road trip last week, I had lots of time in the car to talk, sing our favorites songs, hold hands and reconnect with this man...

I know that sounds crazy but with three little guys and a busy life, sometimes the car is the best place to catch up. I sure do love my hubby!!

I am also loving that I found a rug for my laundry room at Lowe's this past Sunday. I have been searching for something cute to go in front of my washer and dryer for a while and I love what I found...

Shopping is a big love of mine and I am loving that I found a few new things for Spring. I found this dress on sale at Macy's.

Love the neckline.
Then I found this cute skirt and tank at Old Navy. So cute and Springy!!

Lastly, I love that my littlest man is starting to become a little parrot. Carter's vocabulary is growing everyday. Hearing his adorable voice say things like cool, wow, outside, shoes and my personal favorite- love you, just makes me so happy!! I also love that his big brothers are constantly trying to teach him new words and they both take such pride in him repeating them.
Okay- so this picture is from his one year photo session at the beach last summer but I do love it!!  I don't think I ever posted it and it is a favorite of mine!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

T-ball Time

Yes- Cooper is officially old enough to play tball and he was so eager to get on a team. So he is #8 on the Rays team. This evening was his first game. Of course tball is so entertaining because they are all totally new to the sport. We did do some giggling during the game but Cooper did such a great job. He had a couple of good hits off the tee and had so much fun! He loved it and looked super cute in his uniform!!

Hanging out on the bench.

Sizing up the T.

Good hit buddy!

Touching first base.

Good game boys!

Only four of us--where's Carter? Not in the mood to pose for a picture--can you say almost two year old?

Mammy & Papa with Cooper

Omi & Opi with our ball player

Aunt Stacy came to cheer him on too.
And Carter hung out in his stroller most of the time and at one point I found him like this...