Friday, December 31, 2010

Ode to 2010

We are bidding farewell to year 2010,
What an amazing year it has been!

Our life with three kids has been crazy but fun,
We cherish these boys and are proud of each one.

They've been spoiled and loved by our parents so GRAND,
Who love to be with them whenever they can.

We celebrated the birth of our niece Livvy Grace,
My goodness she has the most angelic face.

We suffered the BIG loss of little Caroline,
But thank the good Lord her Mommy is fine.

My hubby still works very hard for his pay,
And I get to be home with my boys everyday.

We had "procedures", some bruises and one broken arm,
But all in all a year safe from harm.

2nd grade, preschool and toddler hood are wild,
but each boy is a healthy and happy child,

What more can we ask for? How lucky are we?
We are blessed beyond measure from what I can see.

2010 has been filled full of love,
The one we can thank is the good Lord above.

Though it's hard to believe 2011 is here.
We'll hope and we'll pray for another blessed year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Difference a Year Makes...

Wow!!! When I look at our family pictures from last year and the ones we took this year, I cannot believe how much my boys have grown!  Sometimes it makes my heart hurt to see how big they are getting. The time really does fly when you are having fun!


I sure do love my little family!!

Thanks Misti for another great group of family photos!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My baby is 18 months old

Hard to believe it but my baby turned 18 months old yesterday. I have to tell you that he continues to be such a huge joy in our home!  He is at that stage where everything he does is just  
C-U-T-E! Colton and Cooper just think he is hilarious! Here is what is new with him:
*wears 24 months or 2T clothes
*size 5 diapers
*still loves his paci
*still ADORES his Pooh Bears
*climbs in or on everything
*has a belly laugh that is contagious
*gets attention everywhere we go for his for his red, curly hair
*looks you right in the eyes and tells you allll about it--- I can't wait until we can understand what he is saying.
*loves to be outside
*says- Mama, Dada, Bubba, kitty, ho!ho!ho!, car, vroom, Pooh Bear, No, Brrrrr, Hot, Owww, uh-oh, bath, yoo-hoo
*mimics the noise of a cat, dog, cow, truck
*gives awesome bear hugs and sweet kisses
*loves his big brothers and wants to follow them everywhere
*loves to play with the cat
*is a BIG boy in size--mainly height
*brings such fun, love and happiness to all of us!!
Here are his stats:
Height: 34.5 in.
Weight: 28 lbs. 6 oz.
Head circumference: 19.75 in.

Merry Christmas!!!

We had an amazing Christmas again this year. Colton woke us up around 7:20 but was patient and waited until almost 8 to wake up Cooper and Carter. Cooper and Colton were SOOO excited about all of the stuff that Santa and Cody and I got them but Carter was too tired. He really could have cared less about unwrapping or looking at much at first. He did like watching his big brothers though. Colton's favorite gifts were his Nintendo DS XL, Zibits, and How To Train Your Dragon Night Fury toy. Cooper's favorites were his Mobigo, hunting bow and skateboard. Carter loved his new Pooh Bear and his battery powered Lightening McQueen car(eventually). Cody and I made yummy donuts(with my new mini donut make from Santa), eggs and sausage. Then we lit a few candles and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!! Since we are doing Cody's family Christmas tomorrow, we were able to stay home, relax and nap. The boys got to play with their toys and just hang out for a while. It was wonderful!

Santa came!!!!

A happy boy with his Nintendo DS XL

Happy hunter with his new bow

Happy baby with a new Pooh Bear

Colton with his loot

Cooper with his loot.
(It looks like he has less but he got a few accessories for his bow that you can't see. )

Carter with his loot

Finally--he was excited to drive his new car!!
Don't ya love that crazy hair? I DO!!!

After short naps, we headed to my mom's house where we were all spoiled even more. The big boys got RC monster trucks, marshmallow guns, Duck Hunter games, video games, wallet(complete with money and gift cards), and lots of candy. Carter got Pooh and Tigger puppets, a book, a small rc car, a filled wallet, and several other neat toys. They also got  an awesome teeter totter for the backyard. (pictures to follow in a later post) Forgive me, I didn't get any pictures at my mom and Dad's house. I think I just got so caught up in the excitement--that I forgot. Ughhhh--I wish I had stopped and got my camera. Anyway, it was a wonderful day filled with great quality time with some of my favorite people!! Perfect! Tomorrow, we get to have Christmas part two at Cody's mom's. More spoiling and quality time. We are so truly blessed!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

We went to church for the candlelight Christmas Eve service and it was awesome. The message was perfect! It was reminding us  not to get caught up in the gifts, decorating and parties but to remember why we are really celebrating Christmas. I do try so hard to keep Jesus in the season. We read Christmas books that tell the story of Jesus' birth, do some fun activities that teach the boys the story, and we sing happy birthday to Jesus before our Christmas morning breakfast. Still the service was a great reminder to all of us to celebrate his birth above all else! After church our two families came over to have dinner together. It is always a little crazy but a lot of fun.
My handsome boys ready for church.

This one is blurry but our dog Sparky was in it--too funny!

Man it is hard to get boys to pose when their cousins are there. =)

Then it was time to put out the reindeer food, leave cookies for Santa and get to bed. The boys were ready because they wanted Santa to come quick.

Colton has been saving these bells to leave for Santa since we brought out our tree. He wanted Santa to have them as extras for his reindeer. So he wrote this note to Santa. So cute! Santa did write a note on the back thanking them. =)

Ready for bed.!! This is the face Carter does when you say "Cheese." =)


Friday, December 24, 2010

Little Elf

I have to post these pictures of my Carter in his little jammies. I had some similar ones for Colton and Cooper when they were his size. He is at the age where getting him to sit still and smile is almost impossible so action photos are the best I can do. But I do love any photo that has him in it!!
He wasn't loving the hat until he saw his reflection. Then he thought it was funny.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Trail of Lights

Last night we went to the Holiday Trail of Lights in Wimberely and it was so worth the drive. It is several acres of lights on display. They had a band playing, hot cocoa,  marshmallows to roast, Santa was there and they were tons cute little scenes of lights. It was a great night for it because it was just cold enough to feel like Christmastime but not so cold to be uncomfortable. Mammy and Papa came along and that always amps up the fun!  The boys loved it!! (and so did the adults)

This is my favorite! When I started to take the picture they wanted to get in it. I love that they chose to pray over baby Jesus with Santa.

This was a beautiful manger scene. Cooper really wanted to be by the horse.

My little elves in front of some elves. =)

So glad Mammy & Papa came along!

Carter checking it out.


Colton was pretending to sing. This was too funny not to pose in.

Colton roasting marshmallows


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just plain cute!

 Carter had to try on Cooper's hat the other day. He loved it for a moment. Luckily,  I was there to capture it. =)