Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 We had another fun filled Halloween! The trick or treating hayride was in motion again (thanks Opi, Cody and Uncle Jason) with some extra friends joining in. It was so nice. We had pizza,chips, veggies and fruit at our house. We had to hurry since it was a school night--gotta start early and end early. Can't wait for Halloween to finally fall on a weekend! Anyway, everyone enjoyed jumping off the trailer, running from door to door and getting their bags filled with candy. It really was a fun night!
Love my Ninja, Boxer and Gladiator

My handsome hubby drove us around

Cooper, Landon and Colton
Love the look on Cooper's face

Colton and I

Carter and Coops

Colton and his best friend Hayden
They both picked out this costume without even realizing the other got it. =)

My brother had this hilarious wig on and I didn't recognize him at first. Too funny! 

Most of our hay riding crew
Colton's pumpkin lit up

Cooper's pumpkin lit up

Just a tidbit for my memory's sake:
For several days before Halloween, Carter would say, "We gonna have a costume party at Mama's house(Cody always says--it's Daddy's house too) and then go trick or treating on the hayride." When he woke up today, he was just so excited!  He loved it all!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun

Here are a few little fun things we have done in the spirit of Halloween fun. 
We decorated pizza cookies with "blood, worms, eyeballs, skulls and bones". They  turned out cute and the boys loved taking their time to make them truly gross! ;) Then they enjoyed eating them! 

Our life has felt super on the go and busy right now but we finally found time to carve/decorate the pumpkins we bought at the patch a few weeks ago. Colton and Cooper had specific designs in mind so we just helped them get it done. Carter had just woken up from a nap and wasn't in a "fall fun" kind of mood but he did eventually join in and help. 

Serious helper--he loved cleaning out the inside. 
 Colton spotted this pumpkin at the patch and was determined to carve it like an alien. It turned out very cool complete with five eyeballs.
Cooper picked this big pumpkin out and just wanted it to have a lots of teeth. It turned out pretty great too!
Carter wasn't interested in carving but was excited to make his pumpkin look like the red Angry Bird. 

Here are my two...I got simple vinyls and added ribbon for girly cuteness! 

 LOVE all of the simple, festive and fun things to do this time of year! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Linking up with Jaime for...

Had to share a video with you of my baby(yes-3 can still be a baby) doing his preschool prayer because it makes me happy and I LOVE it!!!! 

In case any of the words weren't clear to you. Here they are: SO CUTE!!!

Oh the Lord is good to me.
So let me thank the Lord,
For giving me, the things I need
The sun and the rain and the apple seed. 
Oh the Lord!
Amen, Amen!!

I am loving my fall Piggies and Paws pictures. If you have not heard about this, you will love it! They turn your kiddos hand and foot prints into original, hand created works of art. Nothing better to me than capturing my boys' sweet hand prints in a cute way fun way to display!  I also have some cute Christmas ones to show you when I put them out in December. The photos just don't do them justice.

I love how this is Carter's hand with my fingerprints. 

My entry table

Have a great day and rest of your week!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday randoms

Hope you all had a great weekend. Just thought I would get down some completely random things for this Monday morning. Linking up with Carissa...

**As you know I am doing a bible study on a book called, The  Power of  Positive Mom. It has been a wonderful study filled with good information. This past week's study was on the Power of Your Example. This is the line that stood out the most to me as I was reading...
"The lessons we deliver to our children verbally may be wise and good, but lasting lessons are caught not taught." 

That is powerful stuff!

**This weekend after the football game, Cody headed to the deer lease and only Cooper wanted to go. He had lots of quality time with Cody and got to shoot two animals. (Sorry if this is too much for some of you)

He was so excited that he was able to shoot them all by himself!

**Last Wednesday, Carter and I met my Dad for a lunch date. It was so nice to eat and chat-just the three of us. Carter wasn't completely himself, he was a little tired but he sure loves his Papa! I think the feeling is mutual! =)

**I am looking so forward to the conference Cody and I are attending at our church this weekend, "Raising Truly Great Kids" lead by author Dr.Tim Kimmel. Here is what Tim Kimmel says on his website.."With God’s help and a plan, you can raise truly great kids. This conference is a grace-based, character-driven model to nurture confident and cooperative kids-and have a great time in the process.  Parenting is the biggest job you will ever do. Give it your best. Make your kids the priority. Get a clear job description, practical tools, and an effective model to parent your kids the same way God parents His - with grace." Sounds good to me! 

**This is Colton's last week of Fall Ball. His last practice is Wednesday and the last game is Saturday. He has had a great season and learned a lot but I am glad we are going to have our Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings free again. Especially since this is the time of year where there is so much going on. So proud of my big boy for being such a devoted and hard working Blackhawk! We love watching him play! 

Hope you all have a great week!!! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Tonight was Flag Football Recognition night at the high school game. The flag football players got to run in through the tunnel and out onto the field with the Varsity players-which happen to be their coaches. After they ran though the tunnel, the boys got to be part of the huddle and then part of the prayer in the center of the field. Cooper was beaming! He loved every minute of it. We didn't stay for the whole game but we did stay until about halftime. It was a fun evening!

Fun Teammates--Garrison, Aiden, Carson, Cameron and my Cooper

The run through

Brothers waiting for Cooper to run onto the field

My little future Cougar =)
I know it is blurry- but that is Cooper right in the middle of the run through
Running on the field
The huddle
The prayer
My happy Patriot- after he made his fun entrance onto the field
My Carter and my nephew Grady--having fun at the game
My nephew Graham and my Colton hanging out at the game
The hubby and I on our old stomping grounds=)