Thursday, July 28, 2011

San Antonio Chidren's Museum

We spent Tuesday morning at the San Antonio Children's Museum. I realized that we hadn't been there since I was pregnant with Cooper. Being that he is 5 years old now, I figured we should go back! We went with my mother in law, my Sil Hillary and my nephews Graham and Grady so that made our day even better. There is so much to do at this museum and all of the boys loved it!  They got to play in a foam ball area, played "bank", "flew" a plane, grocery shopped and some other neat stuff! Here are lots of pictures of lots of fun we had!!!



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anniversary dinner

Cody and I tried a new place for our 12 year anniversary on Sunday! It was called Grey Moss Inn and it was wonderful! The atmosphere was so nice and romantic. The food was fabulous. Of course, my date was the best!! We decided that it would be our new "special occasion place."

Of course, my favorite course is always dessert. Ours was delicious!!

After dinner, it was still pretty early so we went to see a movie. We ended up seeing "Friends with Benefits." It was actually pretty cute!! Cody and I both liked it!! We had a great night out together!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Skating with Friends

On Sunday after church, my bestie Lynn called and wanted us to go roller skating with her and two of her girls. So Cody kept Carter and Colton, Cooper and I headed to the rink with Lynn, Hannah and Brooke. We had the best time!! It was Cooper and Brooke's first time skating so we were so thankful when we saw this cool "invention" that helped them skate alone.

It worked so well for both of them. Whoever came with it is a genius! =) They didn't spend too much time on their bottoms and really seemed to be getting the hang of the whole skating thing.

Hannah has skated quite a bit so she does really well. This was Colton's third time to go and at first he spent a lot of time hugging the wall. But by the end of our time there he was doing so good too.
SO glad Lynn thought of us and called! What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon! We had such a great time and can't wait to go back!!!

I had to attach this short video. Colton was dancing and skating. Cooper was falling and singing--"I Like to Move it, Move it!" So fun!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'd choose him again!

12 years ago, I married my childhood/high school sweetheart and best friend. In case you don't know the story of us, let me give you the quick version. I met Cody when my family moved and became neighbors to his family. I was 8 years old. He was the first boy I liked at my new school and notes were exchanged. We "went together" from 4th-8th grade. From then on, we were just friends. Friends with crushes on each other but friends just the same. =) In February of our Senior year in high school(1995), we got together again. We have been together ever since. We went to college together and got engaged in December of 1997. Then on July 24th, 1999-- we said I do. It was a day we planned for a year and eight months. I dwelled on every detail and drove myself crazy(probably a few other people too). But the day was perfect! Just look at us as a 22 year old bride and groom...
We had a large and beautiful wedding! Cody and I had a great time and couldn't have been happier.
Our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Mueller

Love this picture--we were so excited to be "hitched"

  Now 12 years later, I would change a few of the details of our wedding day. (I mean styles have certainly changed.) The one thing I would never change is the man that I stood next to at the alter and the vows I made to him. Cody is without a doubt the man that God made for me. We have been blessed with three amazing little guys and a wonderful life together. Happy Anniversary Cody Mueller!! I'd choose you again!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


This week we have had Vacation Bible School at our church. The theme was PandaMania--Where God is Wild About You!! My boys loved it!! They did lots of neat crafts, learned fun songs, played fun games and had great bible lessons! Our church was packed with kids...approximately 650 children attended this week. Amazing right? I loved sitting in the full sanctuary at the end of the morning and seeing all of those kids excited and singing about the Lord!! Carter spent the mornings in the nursery so I could volunteer. I was a little worried about him being in there for 3-4 hours every morning but he did so good. They kept him so busy and he made so many cute things.
I worked with a great group of ladies(who just so happen to be some of my best friends) on the snack committee. It was a fun place to volunteer. There were times that it got a little crazy but we were able to chat while we worked and still spend some time with the kids while they came through for their snack. 

My sil Laura (holding my sweet niece Livvy), Melissa, Me, Jenni and Laci (holding her sweet Harper)

The favorite snack of the week

My big boys on the stage

Cooper next to a cute Panda

Carter(with crazy hair) by a cute prop
 There was a little competition between the boys and girls. They were trying to see who brought the most pennies. The prize was "noodling" the children's pastor or the intern. The boys won so Emily the intern was gonna get noodled. As Pastor Jody was taking the second bowl of noodles over to her he "slipped" and noodled himself too. The kids went wild over this. They loved it!! Poor Colton woke up sick with a stomach bug this morning so he had to miss this part. I took video for him though. (That also explains why I don't have a picture of him alone.) Oh and the total that the kids brought in along with one big donation was approximately $3000.00--awesome!!
Emily and Pastor Jody
 It was such a fun week!!! We are worn out but we look so forward to next year!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I took these pictures at the beach over 4th of July weekend. Loved that I was capturing their reflections! Oh how I love my little men!

Carter spotted his reflection too...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Girl's Getaway

Saturday was my mini getaway with three of my favorite ladies! We had a great time! We got going early Saturday morning and a nice late breakfast together.

Lynn, Me, Laura and Misti
 Then we headed to our beautiful hotel--The Westin La Cantera. Our room was super nice with a balcony and a pool view.
Our view

Once we dropped our bags we shuttled over to the Shops at La Cantera. We shopped for a few hours and found a few good buys. We shuttled back to the hotel and found a spot by the pool. We were all looking forward to being by a pool without worrying about floaties or goggles or SPF 70 for our kiddos. So relaxing to just layout and have drinks!!
After a couple hours by the pool, we headed downtown to eat dinner on the Riverwalk. There were tons of people(not sure why that surprised us so much) but we did get a table by the water at Casa Rio. It is some delicious Mexican food.
 Once we stuffed our face, we went to Acapulco Sams for some dancing. This club has three floors and each floor has a different era of music. We stayed on the 80s and 90s floor and had so much fun. I think Lynn and I stayed on the dance floor for three straight hours. We definitely burned off the calories from our dinner. =) I could "fast dance" all night long. I am that person you see dancing that you assume has had too much to drink when I actually haven't had a drop. I just have a blast and can't be still when the music is playing. (The old cheerleader in me I guess)
Anyway, we got back to our hotel late. Luckily, we got to sleep in on Sunday morning. (Except Misti--sorry girl) We checked out at noon and had a quick lunch. Then we headed home to our kiddos. I sure missed my boys!! Cody kept them very busy though. They went to the Hunter's Extravaganza Show and had lots of fun there. (Wish I had pictures) They slept most of the night on the trampoline. (Cody moved them in around 1:30am) Then he got all them to church on Sunday and made a quick trip to HEB. Such a good Hubby.
I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to get away and get refreshed. I loved having that time with Lynn, Misti and Laura!! Even though it was "mini", it was just what I needed!!