Sunday, July 10, 2011

Camp Recap

Last week Colton attended TBarM daycamp. It was his third summer to go and he still loved every mintute. It is such an amazing Christian based camp with fabulous activities and fun counselors. He accepted Jesus into his heart there last year so it will always be super special to us for that reason. Anyway, he had another great experience there this year full of learning and fun. Each day he came home with all the great details of the day(thank goodness, he shares it all) from the bible study lesson, to the games they played, to the food they had at lunch. This year there was another Colton in his group so they gave my Colton the nickname "Freckles" to help with the confusion. When I asked him if he was okay with that he said, "sure-I do have a lot of freckles." I love how easy going he can be. Too cute! Here is a quick breakdown of his week....
Tuesday(no camp Monday since it was the 4th of July)~There was no theme this day but you know I still took pictures when I dropped him off.

Can you tell from his "glow" that he is covered in suncreen?

One of the camp mottos
Wednesday~Birthday Blowout~~It was the camp's 30th birthday so the kids were supposed wear birthday hats, bright colors,  etc.

Thursday~ Mission Impossible~ This is the day that everyone wears camo and they have "war games" and scavenger hunts.

Had to take one with the game face=)
Friday~ Alpha vs.Omega~ Each camper is assigned to be an Alpha or an Omega. They will stay an Omega for as many years as they go to camp. Colton is an Omega. (Next year when Cooper goes he will be an Omega too) Anyway, the last day is spent playing games and competing against each other. This year the Omegas won!! Woohoo!!
Also on Friday,  the parents are invited to the closing ceremonies. They show us the chants and songs they have learned and used all week. I loved seeing how into it Colton was this year. He knew all the words and motions. It is so awesome to see a room full of elementary age kids singing about the Lord. I of course, tear up the moment they get started. =)

We also have a little meeting with the couselors and they give each child in the group a certifcate with a characteristic they saw in them throughout the week. They gave Colton the characteristic-Attentive. They said when they met in Batter's Box(the daily bible study), he was very interested and paid great attention to the lesson. Also, he always participated in the discussion. He made Cody and I proud as usual!!
Colton's awesome counselors--Matt and Hudson
Before we left the camp, Colton wanted to show us some upgrades they made to the playground equipment. Here are a few pictures from that.
Can you see him  in there?

One thing that made Colton's week even better, is that we carpooled each day with his cousin/best friend Landon. That made even the ride to and from camp fun!

 I really can't say enough positive things about TBarM and Colton can't wait to go back next year!!

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