Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'd choose him again!

12 years ago, I married my childhood/high school sweetheart and best friend. In case you don't know the story of us, let me give you the quick version. I met Cody when my family moved and became neighbors to his family. I was 8 years old. He was the first boy I liked at my new school and notes were exchanged. We "went together" from 4th-8th grade. From then on, we were just friends. Friends with crushes on each other but friends just the same. =) In February of our Senior year in high school(1995), we got together again. We have been together ever since. We went to college together and got engaged in December of 1997. Then on July 24th, 1999-- we said I do. It was a day we planned for a year and eight months. I dwelled on every detail and drove myself crazy(probably a few other people too). But the day was perfect! Just look at us as a 22 year old bride and groom...
We had a large and beautiful wedding! Cody and I had a great time and couldn't have been happier.
Our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Mueller

Love this picture--we were so excited to be "hitched"

  Now 12 years later, I would change a few of the details of our wedding day. (I mean styles have certainly changed.) The one thing I would never change is the man that I stood next to at the alter and the vows I made to him. Cody is without a doubt the man that God made for me. We have been blessed with three amazing little guys and a wonderful life together. Happy Anniversary Cody Mueller!! I'd choose you again!!


Kerry said...

What a gorgeous couple!! Happy 12th wedding anniversary to you!!
Lovely pics too and it is so nice to read that you wouldn't change a thing...

Katie said...

This is so so sweet! Love your wedding pictures! Beautiful then and now.

Hope you had a happy anniversary!