Saturday, July 16, 2011

A morning at the Museum

We spent yesterday morning at the Witte Museum. My mom went with us and so did my sister-in-law Laura and her three kiddos. We had a great time! They had a special exhibit going on...
The cousins
Cooper, Colton, Carter, Livvy, Landon and Luke
 They had some of the neatest stuff to do. The boys were able to put their hands in some gloves that were connected into an aquarium, and they could feel their way around and pick up things you would find in the water. They spent a lot of time doing that.

There was also a large catfish hanging that you could do a stomach search on. It was neat because they could get stuff out of the large belly.

There was also a huge model boaconstricter that the kids could try to pick up to get an idea just how heavy those snakes are.

There was a little dress up area where the boys could put on tails, fins, etc.

My big boys had to use the fins to dress up like Gnomes. =)
Anyway, it was one of those great summer mornings where my boys had a lot of fun and learned a little something too. Perfect!!

Excuse the picture quality, I forgot the battery for my good camera so I used my little digital. It usually takes decent picture but couldn't use our flash in the exhibits.  


Hillary said...

Looks like soo much fun! Glad ya'll had a great time! xoxox

April Westerhold said...

What a fun day especially for little boys.