Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Last Monday, I had a post all set up about how busy we are right now between baseball five times a week, my dad having knee replacement surgery, I needed to take defensive driving that I had of course put off, I did damage to my car in a silly incident and my hubby is running for school board. So the whole post was about being overwhelmed with everything we had going on. I never did finish the post and never actually got it posted.
Today that post seems silly. Today I am overwhelmed in a different way. A week ago today, the day after my almost "busy" post, we nearly lost my dad. He had been doing good a week out from knee surgery. Then last Tuesday morning, thinking he was on the mend, my mom went to work and I took Carter to school and grab a few groceries. I was coming right back to hang out with my dad and help him get around. (My parents had been staying with us because they recently sold their house and haven't built a new one. They are living in their RV while they build on their new property. The RV is not the best rehabbing situation.)  Before I could get back home, my dad was calling my mom to see when one of us could get back. He was feeling weak. I was almost home, so when I got here I took his blood pressure, which wasn't too bad but wasn't too good. It was low and then high. Long story short, he said he was dizzy and weak and it wasn't getting better. My mom came home and we called his doctor. They said to come to the er and he would be admitted. So he started to walk to the car. He could only get part of the way and he had to stop and rest. Then he needed to sit down. After he got in the rocking chair on my porch, he told us he couldn't walk any further. He needed an ambulance. I ran and got the phone to call 911. As I was on the phone, he passed out against my mom. Even right now, thinking of that moment...my mom begging him to wake up, me pleading with the dispatcher to hurry and both of us crying hysterically-- it makes my stomach sick. Luckily, he did wake up but was barely able to speak or breathe. Shortly after that, the paramedics arrived. It becomes a blur for a bit after that. Once at the ER, tests were done quickly. After the cat-scan, the doctor walked in and was speechless for a minute. He said after seeing his films, he was shocked to see my dad awake and able to talk at all. He had a Saddle pulmonary embolism(apparently the worst kind) along with two other blood clots in his lungs. This also caused a mild "cardiac event." He was lucky to be alive. They started blood thinner shots in his stomach and moved him to ICU. He spent two days there and then was moved to the next level down from ICU and stayed there for two more days. They said that one side of his heart is dilated but that is normal with clots and it will take care of itself. Awesome news! Then on Saturday, he was released! PRAISE the LORD!!! He will continue on blood thinners by mouth and has to take it easy for a while but he is going to be back to normal in time. He and my mom are staying with us for a little longer so that together we can take care of him because he is still very low on energy and a little shaken by all that he has been through. That is to be expected though.
So today I am completely overwhelmed by GOD...by the power of prayer...by the love I have for my dad...by the support of our family and friends... and by the strength my mom has shown. I know that God was with us when we waited for that ambulance and I know he was and is still with us as my Dad heals. I can not explain how blessed I feel that my Daddy is still here and that it was not his time! Thanks be to GOD!!!!

Isaiah 41:10'Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

P.S. I will eventually catch up on my blogging. I miss you guys! =)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cooper's party

Cooper wanted an "army party" at Laser Legend. Yes, he had his party there last year but everyone loves it so we did it again. Cooper had a great group of friends and family come to celebrate with him. We all had lots of fun!!

Graham, Luke, Hayden and Colton

Ready to go
Carson, Cooper and Bobby

Buddies...Bobby, Cooper, Ian and Carson

About to start Laser tag

Carter and the robot

Hayden and Colton

My little family

Nana  and Cooper

Papa, Cooper and Mammy

Opi, Cooper and Omi

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cooper's actual birthday

Cooper's actual birthday was a week day so he had to go to school. 
Of course we started with the traditional pancake breakfast. 

Then he hurried and got dressed so he could open some presents. 

Then I took a Krispy Kreme donut cake up to school for his class. 

He also got a new bike. He loved it!

His birthday party is planned for Sunday afternoon.=) Love this 7 year old!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cooper is 7!!!

Wow! It is so hard to believe that my second baby is 7 years old today! My Cooper Wiley is a busy, happy, active, smart and fun boy that keeps us on our toes. He is full of energy and always ready to go. He adores doing anything outdoors especially...hunting, fishing, baseball, football and riding his bike. He is doing great in first grade, loves his friends and has become a fabulous little reader. My middle guy loves music and can play a mean air guitar. =) Cooper is a great little and big brother. He loves to play with Carter and teach him new things and he loves to chat and be silly with Colton. He has eyes that sparkle and a heart that loves the Lord. When I think of Cooper, I think of his joyful spirit. He really does find joy in everything-big and small. I love my Coops more than words and am so proud of the little guy he is!
Happy birthday Cooper Wiley!!!!

So grateful for my big 7 year old!! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Playin' Ball- My Cardinal

I finally got some good pictures of Cooper playing some baseball.(Uniforms took forever and he had to miss a game because of his program.) Anyway, Cooper is a Cardinal this year and he loves it. It is coach pitch and they do have 6 pitches instead of 3.  He is enjoying the season so far and doing a great job! He has gotten several good hits and he loves to just be out there. He is so funny. He can be caught pretending to pitch while he is playing in the outfield. He has his whole wind up down. =)

We took a team picture after this game because a few players were going to have to miss the official picture day. How cute are these guys?

This next one was too funny. The head coach said to pretend they smelled poop. Ha! 

Anyway, love watching my #2 play ball! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Field Trippin' with Cooper

Yesterday was Cooper's 1st grade field trip to the San Antonio Zoo. It was a great day!  We lucked out with the weather and only needed light jackets for a little while.  Our little group consisted of Cooper and two of his classmates Colin and Ripley. They were a fun bunch! Colin's mom was with us too and she and I worked hard to make sure the boys saw everything. We were exhausted! =)
 The kids are doing a research project and had to choose and animal. Cooper chose the Death Adder Snake . This isn't it but it was close and we could get. =)

Colin and Cooper
They are best buddies

We watched them feed the Elephant. 

The boys thought this monkey was hilarious because he was showing us his "hairy pits."

Love being able to tag along on these super fun days!!