Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter day

 We had a great Easter Sunday! The Easter bunny had come and filled the boys' baskets with goodies.

They were excited with their stuff but ready to go hunt eggs. 

After checking out the loot and eating some breakfast, we headed to church. It was a wonderful service- With beautiful music and a wonderful message!

After some rest time, my side of the family came over. It was about to pour so we quickly hunted eggs. The kids loved it. Then we had a great dinner and just enjoyed some time relaxing together. (I didn't get any pictures. I think the weather and trying to host hindered me. Hate when that happens.)
It was a BLESSED day! I am so beyond grateful for the gifts in my life. Especially for my Lord and my family! 

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April said...

Love your boys shirts and ties! Looks like a wonderful Easter. I wish we could have worn shorts and short sleeves here in TN.