Saturday, June 25, 2016

Carter's party

Carter had his birthday party at Laser Legend this year. He has seen his brothers have parties there and has always loved it. He was so excited to have his buddies there to play Laser Tag and video games together. He has been all about robots so he wanted a robot themed party there. That is what we did!

Everyone had lots of fun especially Carter! 

My baby is 7!

It is so hard to believe but my baby turns 7 today!! My Carter Wesley is pure joy. He has precious red hair and the sweetest spirit. He just finished Kindergarten and he loved it. He learned so much and did so great. He really enjoyed baseball this spring and improved so much through the season. He loves to draw and play games. He loves to cuddle up and watch movies. He loves anything with robots right now.
Here are some of Carter's favorites:
Color: Orange
Foods: Pizza, cheeseburgers, popcorn,
Candy: Sour Patch, Skittles and Kit-Kat
Drink: Coke and Milk
Song: Kick the Dust Up or Cruise
Book: Pete the Cat
Friends: Ty, Finley and Ryan
Movie: Zootopia, The Lorax and Book of Life
Toys: Miniature Minecraft figures, Star Wars swords

I love my littlest guy so much! Cody and I are so grateful to God for choosing us to be his parents!

Happy 7th birthday Carter Wesley!!!