Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday randoms

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! We did-- a  baseball practice, basketball game, shopping for baseball gear, a fun small group gathering, church, Sunday school, lunch with favorite friends and dinner with my fabulous family. Lots of fun little things.
As we go into this week, I am tired just thinking about it. ;) Tonight both Cooper and Colton have baseball practice. Same exact time, fields across town from each other. (Not sure how this will get pulled off.) Tuesday we have Cody's Nana's 85th birthday dinner and then Colton has basketball practice, Wednesday we have church, Thursday is actually a free evening=), Friday Colton has baseball practice, Saturday is Colton's last basketball game. All fun stuff just not enough evening time at home relaxing together. =) Spring is so fun but as I have said before, it seems to pick up speed. We go nonstop until school gets out. One more reason we are so ready when summer gets here.
Spring break is right around the corner though. Yay for that!! We are trying to plan something simple, cheap and fun for us to take the boys to do. We would like to getaway from here but somewhere close enough that we can drive and not need too many days. Kind of a challenge. ;) Any ideas fellow Texans?
I am making some small goals for myself. The first being that I will get to bed earlier.This is so hard for me because I am a night owl. I love a quiet house when everyone is sleeping and  no one needs me. It is a strange sense of freedom. I want to start getting up early enough to have some quiet time for doing my bible study--uninterrupted. I also want to get into a work out routine. I know it is good for me and once I get a routine down I will be so happy but it is the thing I always bump to the bottom of my to do list. I will work on these goals and hope for some progress. Told ya this would be random.;)
Anyway, as our Spring takes off I will keep this in mind, no matter how crazy busy we get...

SO true!!! I sure do love my little life!

**I should add that tonight's two practices were cancelled because of rain. Is it bad that I wasn't sad about this? =) **

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feels like Spring

Well, you gotta love Texas!! We have had beautiful weather this week. Yesterday the high was like 80. Crazy right? I love it though!! Yesterday was the kind of day where you can just be outside all day! Carter and I took advantage of it and went to the park. We had so much fun! Carter was so happy to roam around and I was happy to follow him. =) Oh and take lots of pictures.

When it was time for a "nack", Carter chose trail mix and we sat down on a bench to eat it. A friendly little squirrel came up and Carter was happy to share with him. It was very cute! (I had to keep reminding Carter not to get too close though.) After a few minutes we looked around and we were surrounded by birds and another squirrel. Carter was like, "no more squirrel." We walked away and his original furry friend followed. It took us a few minutes but we finally lost him. =)

My Mama, sis in law Laura and my nephew Luke and niece Livvy, met us to play for a little bit. Carter loved following Luke around.
Luke climbed the rock wall--growing too fast!!

I love the look on Carter's face in this one. 

How cute is she? 

Anyway, it really was perfect weather and a wonderful day! The only thing that would have made it better is  if my big boys could have been with us.

Date night at the rodeo

Cody and I went to the rodeo on Tuesday to see Miranda Lambert. I love her! She put on a great show! We met Cody's sister and her new hubby there and enjoyed our date night with them. =)

Stacy and Jason

Here is the video for one of my favorite Miranda songs...

I thought she looked so cute. A blingy skirt, a t-shirt, a simple vest, tan boots and her adorable Mrs. Shelton(she is newly married to country singer Blake Shelton) belt. She totally  pulled off the randomness of the outfit. Never got a good picture of it. This kind of shows it...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cooper's Mutton Bustin'

Tonight Cooper got to do what he has looked forward to for a long time...Mutton Bust. He has talked about doing this for years. Last year was the first year he could have based on age, and he didn't get drawn(it is a lottery system). He was bummed! So luckily he got drawn this year. Tonight was his big night!
My four cowboys before we headed to the rodeo
He was so excited to ride that sheep. We were so excited for him too. When we checked in, he was given the same number Colton got when he did this four years ago...#8. That was pretty cool.

Proud brothers waiting during check in
Then Cody took him to his "holding area" and said he was so brave and excited when he left him there.(They make you leave them) Anyway, we were so nervous while we waited. Luckily, Cooper was the first one to ride. He did GREAT!! He stayed on the full 6 seconds and came off pretty smoothly. He smiled and waved and gave the rodeo clown five. He scored an 84 which is awesome!
Giving the rodeo clown five

The group of mutton busters on the jumbotron
He didn't win(it was tough night of competition)but each participant got a bag full of goodies including a hat, buckle and a trophy! He LOVES his trophy and is so proud of it!! We were so proud of our little cowboy!!
Showing off his buckle and trophy

This trophy made him so happy!! =)

Our family
The performer after the rodeo was Terry Fator. He won America's Got Talent a few years back and is awesome! He is an impersonator/ventriloquist. Very impressive! The boys loved him and didn't want to leave. Frankly, I didn't either but we did have to leave before the performance ended because it was already 10:00--on a school night! 
We had a such a great night. I am thinking I will let my boys sleep in and be a little late to school tomorrow. =) SO worth it!!! 
Our rodeo contestant on his way out! 

Fun times!

Friday night, I had a girl's night out to the rodeo. We saw Lady Antebellum and they put on a fabulous show!!  LOVE them...they seriously don't sing a bad song! The six of us had such a great time!!
Heather, Melissa, Me, Lynn, Laci and Jennifer
Lynn and I

Lady A leaving in the pick up
Someone gave Hillary those glasses as she went by=)

Then on Saturday, Cody and I took the boys to the rodeo. We walked around the fairgrounds a little bit before we took our seats.

 The boys loved the rodeo, especially Leon Coffee. He cracks them up. He posed for a picture with them and even ate one of Colton's french fries.=)

Our great friends the Wuests are so nice to let us sit in their front row seats. We are so lucky to get to be right there in the action. 
Of course, we had some cotton candy....

Then the concert started. Jake Owen was the performer. He put on a great show and came out into the audience. He even gave our boys five. We had a great time!!  

Carter was so tired since this was during his nap time. He ended up laying in Colton's lap. Colton loved this. Sweet brothers.