Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday randoms

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! We did-- a  baseball practice, basketball game, shopping for baseball gear, a fun small group gathering, church, Sunday school, lunch with favorite friends and dinner with my fabulous family. Lots of fun little things.
As we go into this week, I am tired just thinking about it. ;) Tonight both Cooper and Colton have baseball practice. Same exact time, fields across town from each other. (Not sure how this will get pulled off.) Tuesday we have Cody's Nana's 85th birthday dinner and then Colton has basketball practice, Wednesday we have church, Thursday is actually a free evening=), Friday Colton has baseball practice, Saturday is Colton's last basketball game. All fun stuff just not enough evening time at home relaxing together. =) Spring is so fun but as I have said before, it seems to pick up speed. We go nonstop until school gets out. One more reason we are so ready when summer gets here.
Spring break is right around the corner though. Yay for that!! We are trying to plan something simple, cheap and fun for us to take the boys to do. We would like to getaway from here but somewhere close enough that we can drive and not need too many days. Kind of a challenge. ;) Any ideas fellow Texans?
I am making some small goals for myself. The first being that I will get to bed earlier.This is so hard for me because I am a night owl. I love a quiet house when everyone is sleeping and  no one needs me. It is a strange sense of freedom. I want to start getting up early enough to have some quiet time for doing my bible study--uninterrupted. I also want to get into a work out routine. I know it is good for me and once I get a routine down I will be so happy but it is the thing I always bump to the bottom of my to do list. I will work on these goals and hope for some progress. Told ya this would be random.;)
Anyway, as our Spring takes off I will keep this in mind, no matter how crazy busy we get...

SO true!!! I sure do love my little life!

**I should add that tonight's two practices were cancelled because of rain. Is it bad that I wasn't sad about this? =) **


KERRY said...

I don't blame you for being slightly happy about the cancellation lol
Across town from each other, that is crazy - do you fly? Like Superwoman or something?
I love this 'little things' quote ;)
You guys are so busy during the week, I thought it was like that here but you win.
Good luck at finding a nice little getaway for the Spring Break! Not hitting Florida for that?? Lol
Is it Spring there?
Oh hang on, I just realised it is Autumn here in 2 days hahaha, silly me!! What happened to Summer? :)

Hillary said...

This week will be fun! We can't wait to hang out with ya'll tonight!