Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun times!

Friday night, I had a girl's night out to the rodeo. We saw Lady Antebellum and they put on a fabulous show!!  LOVE them...they seriously don't sing a bad song! The six of us had such a great time!!
Heather, Melissa, Me, Lynn, Laci and Jennifer
Lynn and I

Lady A leaving in the pick up
Someone gave Hillary those glasses as she went by=)

Then on Saturday, Cody and I took the boys to the rodeo. We walked around the fairgrounds a little bit before we took our seats.

 The boys loved the rodeo, especially Leon Coffee. He cracks them up. He posed for a picture with them and even ate one of Colton's french fries.=)

Our great friends the Wuests are so nice to let us sit in their front row seats. We are so lucky to get to be right there in the action. 
Of course, we had some cotton candy....

Then the concert started. Jake Owen was the performer. He put on a great show and came out into the audience. He even gave our boys five. We had a great time!!  

Carter was so tired since this was during his nap time. He ended up laying in Colton's lap. Colton loved this. Sweet brothers. 

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KERRY said...

What a fun night you had Melanie!! Great pics :)
I am guessing rodeo's are big in Texas?