Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love day recap

We had a great Valentine's day--low key and that is how I like it. =) I woke up to beautiful roses and the sweetest card(that is really the most important part for me).

The boys started their morning with heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes and lots of kisses and hugs. They had parties at school that I was excited to be at and help with. Carter's preschool did a pizza lunch and yummy treats but since it is hard for the parents to leave afterwards, they just keep it simple for the kids. Parents don't go. (I am not sure how I would be in three places at once anyway.)
Cooper's party was first and they had ice cream sandwiches to roll in sprinkles. Simple but delicious. They had a themed book to color and then they finished passing out their valentines. After that, they got to read  the ones they received. He had a great time!
Can you tell he liked his ice cream sandwich?

Bobby, Cooper and Riley

Best buddies! 

Coops and his awesome teacher

My blondie and me

Colton's party was right after that. They played Valentine bingo and then had ice cream sundaes! Then they went through and read all of the valentines they got. He enjoyed it! (Thanks Mama for picking up Carter so I could stay for the whole party.)

Colton and his great teacher

My brunette and me

My redhead and me--picture taken by Colton=)

That evening I fixed a new recipe and then I gave the boys a plate full of yummy stuff to dip into chocolate. They loved this!!! Then we just hung out as a family and watched  a movie. Perfectly simple! I had a great day with all four of my loves!


Veronika said...

How fun! My youngest has the same eligible bachelor shirt :)
I think it is so cute that you have a blondie, brunette, and red-head. I have a friend who has the same only she has 3 girls. It's just adorable!
Oh, another thing, cute new blog look! :)

Hillary said...

So fun! Love the flowers and your blondie, brunette, and redhead! :)


Courtney B said...

Aw, sounds like a PERFECT Valentines! Lucky mama ;)