Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Library day

The boys and I made a stop by the New Braunfels Public Library yesterday. They always love going there to play on the computers and check out lots of books. Today was no different.=)

Time to get reading!!!

So glad we went today because they are gonna close the kid's section for a few months while they do some big changes. Can't wait to go back when they are done. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend at the coast

We spent this last weekend at the coast. Saturday was fishing as usual for the big boys and the men. They didn't have much luck but they did have a great time! My hubby was awesome and sent me lots of pictures from his phone.
Colton enjoying the cruise

Cooper with my nephew Landon


My brother and my nephew Luke

My dad and Colton

My dad with his four oldest grandkids

While they fished, Carter and I played at the beach with Aunt Laura and Livvy. 

Then on Saturday night, we took our annual trip to a place called Funtrackers. It is awesome! The kids love it! They have bumper cars, go carts, arcades games, bumper boats and other fun rides. Carter was so happy because he got to drive a "little car" too. He did a lot of crashing but kept a big smile on his face the whole time. 

Colton and Landon are big enough for the big go carts. They get to have some real speed and they love it. For some reason my camera took awful pictures of them, so this is the only one that I could post. 

Carter and I rode a train ride that looked simple and fun. But it was pretty deceiving. It went fast and went backwards and forwards, Not good for this Mama after a big Mexican food dinner. =) (I love rides but not ones that go in a perfect circle endlessly.) But he loved it! 

Onto the bumper boats...they boys had so much fun! They got soaked and soaked Aunt Laura too. She was a good sport though! 

Look at poor Laura trying to protect herself. =)

Drenched cousins =)

On our way our of town, we stopped to do some souvenir shopping and Carter wanted his picture taken in this prop. Hilarious!! I don't think he understood why we thought it was so funny or why his brothers chose not to have their picture taken, but he laughed too. =)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Life is short!

Yesterday was a heart wrenching day. I attended the funeral of a beautiful 16 year old girl, Kali Gorzell, who died tragically in a boating accident. (My husband has worked with her dad for years and they have become great friends.)

The service was an amazing tribute to what a wonderful girl she was. She impacted so many in her short time on this earth. As the slide show of adorable pictures played, I sobbed. I mean in a way, I could barely control. Although I had never met this precious girl, I just ached for her family and friends. As the baby pictures of her played on, I couldn't help but put myself in her parents' place. Just unimaginable what they are going through. The message was so impactful though. This sweet girl lived like we should all strive to live. She loved Jesus and she loved those around her. The motto her family and friends have started is " Live Like Kali" because she was such a light in this world. What an amazing way to be remembered!!

When I left there, I had a horrible migraine. I also just needed to hug and be with my boys. I came home to Colton and Cooper(Carter was napping) running to me and saying, " We missed you Mama", " I love you Mama!" Music to my ears. We laid on the palate on the floor that they made for us to watch a movie while Carter napped, and I snapped this picture with my phone.

Just what I needed, to cuddle up close and hold two of my three babies tight. (Wish Carter was awake but he needs his naps) Definitely, the best cure for an aching head and heart!!
This day was just one more reminder of how short life is, how important it is to make sure that those you love know it and how important it is to love Jesus!!
Live Like Kali!!! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

13 years!!

On this day 13 years ago, I married Cody Mueller! We have been so BLESSED in our live together!! I still feel like the LUCKIEST girl in the world!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Vacation Bible School

We had a great week at vacation Bible school! I helped in the kitchen with snacks everyday which can get crazy at times but at least I am getting to chat with some of my favorite ladies while we work. =)
My boys all had a great time and learned a lot!
The highlight of the week was by far that my Cooper asked Jesus into his heart!!!!! This brings so much joy to Cody and I!!!

 When Cody asked Cooper what he did that day at vbs. Cooper said " I talked to Jesus."  Sooo proud of our boy!  What a great day!!!!
 I took a second to visit with my big boys during their snack time and of course snap a picture. (Carter had snack in his classroom, they didn't bring the younger kiddos through the stations.)

The kids bring pennies all week and fill up containers separated for boys and girls. It is a friendly competition. If the girls won, which they did, the ladies got to shaving cream Pastor Jody(our children's pastor) and an intern at our church. The kids went crazy over this and thought it was hilarious! 

 This last picture is so I can remember how funny Carter was being. As we were leaving today, Carter was trying to get a drink. He technically could reach but he kept pretending he couldn't and being so funny. He was cracking us up!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The tooth fairy stopped by the beach

Cooper lost his first tooth while we were at the beach. It had been loose for weeks and he finally pulled it out. It didn't take much--it was ready and the permanent tooth was already way in. He was an excited little boy. Then he worried if the tooth fairy would come to the beach. We had made sure to pack the tooth holder just in case, so of course she found that tooth. =)
My Coops is growing so fast!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beach Trip

We headed to the beach on Thursday. On the way down, Carter told me he wasn't tired and this is what I saw two minutes later....=)

We raced into town so we could meet up with my dear friend Misti to take some family beach photos. I can't wait to see how they turned out and will of course post them when I get them.
On Friday morning, Cody and the big boys went fishing with a good friend of Cody's. They had a great time and caught lots of fish. The only two keepers were caught by Colton but as long as they are catching they are happy.
There was some lightening off in the distance so we spent some time hanging out inside. This is what Carter and I did...

After good naps, we went went swimming with sil Laura and my nephews and niece. The kiddos were so happy to be together. Then we all went to a good dinner and a restaurant called Beaches. (No pictures)
On Saturday, my dad took the all the boys(except Carter) out fishing. When they got back, we headed to the beach. It was so nice to spend several hours enjoying the waves and sand. My boys love the ocean! It was my birthday and my hubby did most of the chasing so I got to sit still and even lay out for a bit. So nice. 

My nephew Landon and Colton

My niece Livvy--I couldn't resist this picture! Too cute!

This is an odd picture but Cody was standing there and Colton started using his legs to hold him still so he could look  into the water. 

That night for my birthday dinner, we ate dinner by the water at Dock's. It was perfect! 

We headed home after more swimming on Sunday morning! We were worn out but had a great time!!