Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Carter's swim lessons

Carter took some private swim lessons in last two week. The first one he was leery and nervous but did what his teacher asked him to do. The second one he cried most of the time and we ended the lesson with him getting choked and throwing up...poor guy! One the third one, we got there really early and he had time to warm up and just play in the baby pool first. Then, he did great! He was really kicking, blowing bubbles and getting his face under water without getting scared. He was having fun too! Hopefully, we can build on what he has learned the rest of the summer. Sure love my littlest swimmer!!
Ms. Jessica is fabulous!!!! 

Love these little footprints!!


Hillary said...

Oh my goodness! So cute! We are having the same problem with Grady (again this year). Mrs. Nancy had told us to try and bring Grady a tad earlier so he could try Carter's trick! Hopefully this works out or we are out a lot of money by siting on the sidelines just watching! :)

Love you! xoxox

Nichole said...

He's so cute. It looks like he is loving the swim lessons :)