Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beach Trip

We headed to the beach on Thursday. On the way down, Carter told me he wasn't tired and this is what I saw two minutes later....=)

We raced into town so we could meet up with my dear friend Misti to take some family beach photos. I can't wait to see how they turned out and will of course post them when I get them.
On Friday morning, Cody and the big boys went fishing with a good friend of Cody's. They had a great time and caught lots of fish. The only two keepers were caught by Colton but as long as they are catching they are happy.
There was some lightening off in the distance so we spent some time hanging out inside. This is what Carter and I did...

After good naps, we went went swimming with sil Laura and my nephews and niece. The kiddos were so happy to be together. Then we all went to a good dinner and a restaurant called Beaches. (No pictures)
On Saturday, my dad took the all the boys(except Carter) out fishing. When they got back, we headed to the beach. It was so nice to spend several hours enjoying the waves and sand. My boys love the ocean! It was my birthday and my hubby did most of the chasing so I got to sit still and even lay out for a bit. So nice. 

My nephew Landon and Colton

My niece Livvy--I couldn't resist this picture! Too cute!

This is an odd picture but Cody was standing there and Colton started using his legs to hold him still so he could look  into the water. 

That night for my birthday dinner, we ate dinner by the water at Dock's. It was perfect! 

We headed home after more swimming on Sunday morning! We were worn out but had a great time!! 


April said...

Looks like all your boys enjoy the beach and that is great! Great family pic too!

KERRY said...

Hey Melanie!
So glad to hear you guys enjoyed your beach vacation :) Such cute pictures and lots of fun activites by the sounds of it!