Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Short but sweet staycation

Cody had a work event to be at in the J W Marriott in San Antonio so we got to tag along. We just stayed one night but had lots of fun yesterday and this morning. It is such a beautiful place and they have a fun water park that my boys loved!! Cody and his partner John, stayed busy for work so John's wife Nita and I got to have fun with the kiddos. They have two super sweet girls, Hallie and Carlie.  We spent about 4 hours in the water yesterday...

Carter loved this kiddie pool area... 

The big boys did some bigger slides(sorry, no pictures) and the lazy river was a big hit too. 



 After we got changed, we went out to make some good ol' S'mores. Always a fun treat!
Colton had a sore throat so he didn't eat his, but he loved  burning  roasting the marshmallows. 

Serious business;)



Me and my love

All I can think when I see this picture is that I am BLESSED!!

Cooper took this picture of Colton and I

Hate this picture of me but love it of my handsome men. (Note to self, that dress is bad for pictures. )

Today we got up and had breakfast and headed back to the pool. We were able to spend about an hour there and then it started to pour. Oh well. We did get to see a Zooman in the lobby. I took some pictures with my phone because my camera was packed away.
A porcupine in the lobby

A blue-tongued Skink

Carter was excited to touch this one

A Bearded Dragon
Carter wanted no part of this one. He wouldn't even get close. =)

After this, we headed home. We had a great time!! Now to do the laundry and repack for the coast. We are headed there tomorrow for a long weekend. SO ready to hit the beach with my boys!!

One last picture and side note, look how red my baby's hair looks! I couldn't believe it when I was looking back through my pictures. I love it!!


Angie said...

What a great time! That waterpark looks awesome. I'm sure the kids had a blast. I know I would have!!!

LOVE the pic of his red hair. I'm hoping this baby has red hair. My momma's hair is red and she's always wanted a red headed grandbaby!!!

Enjoy the beach- I'm jealous!!!

April said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy the beach!

Brandi said...


Hillary said...

What an amazing amount of fun that looks! You may have to find the time and go back again with us :)!