Friday, July 20, 2012

Vacation Bible School

We had a great week at vacation Bible school! I helped in the kitchen with snacks everyday which can get crazy at times but at least I am getting to chat with some of my favorite ladies while we work. =)
My boys all had a great time and learned a lot!
The highlight of the week was by far that my Cooper asked Jesus into his heart!!!!! This brings so much joy to Cody and I!!!

 When Cody asked Cooper what he did that day at vbs. Cooper said " I talked to Jesus."  Sooo proud of our boy!  What a great day!!!!
 I took a second to visit with my big boys during their snack time and of course snap a picture. (Carter had snack in his classroom, they didn't bring the younger kiddos through the stations.)

The kids bring pennies all week and fill up containers separated for boys and girls. It is a friendly competition. If the girls won, which they did, the ladies got to shaving cream Pastor Jody(our children's pastor) and an intern at our church. The kids went crazy over this and thought it was hilarious! 

 This last picture is so I can remember how funny Carter was being. As we were leaving today, Carter was trying to get a drink. He technically could reach but he kept pretending he couldn't and being so funny. He was cracking us up!

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