Friday, November 30, 2012

School Projects

Now that Colton is in 4th grade, the content is more challenging and he has quite a bit more school work. Actually, it feels like a project or a book report are always due. He does have more of a daily homework load too but my sweet boy almost always gets it done on the bus.
Most recently, he had to do a project to replicate an Indian dwelling. He did a great job and got a 100. He always works so hard and I am so proud of him! 

Splish Splash

Carter always wants to bathe in my bathtub but since it takes so much longer, the boys rarely bathe in there. One night while Cody and the big boys were at the deer lease, Carter spent a long time playing in there. He had so much fun in the bubbles and drawing on the walls of the tub with bath crayons. I seriously think he was in there for 45 minutes and still had to be talked into getting out. =)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cooper's 1st Trophy Buck

Sorry if you are not a hunter. I live with some avid ones. =)

The five of us headed to the deer lease on Friday morning. It was a good weekend to go--weather was perfect and the camp was full of lots of friends (missed you Wuests and Jaclyn). Anyway, on the hunt that very evening, Cooper spotted a buck. Cody gave him the okay to shoot it and he made a great shot! The buck was down and Cooper was happy!! I loved the way he ran to me when they got back from camp and he was so excited to show me his "trophy". All of us gathered around to hear him tell his story. I wish you could hear how all of these amazing family men congratulated him and asked him the important questions. They were so genuinely thrilled for him! We are blessed with a fabulous group of friends and lucky to share a lease with them! Anyway, Cooper beamed from ear to ear. Probably the happiest hunter I've ever seen!!!! Proud of my Coops!!!!!

Cooper and his proud daddy

Cody, Cooper and Colton

Carson shot a big ol' hog that hunt too so we got to check it out. Everyone was pretty pumped about this too! Good job Carson!!!!
Carson and his proud Daddy

Carson with his excited sisters! 
If you know me well, you know I am not a big deer lease girl. I go because I love my boys and want to be sure and spend some time with them there. Anyway, this weekend, my boys(especially Colton) told me over and over how happy they were to have me there. Colton even said he likes the deer lease more when I am there. SO sweet and happy to hear that. I reached a little turning point at the lease this time and really enjoyed it. Good thing because I am pretty sure I will be going there more and more as Carter gets older! =) 

When we got home, my Dad and Cody's Dad were eager to come check out Cooper's buck. Cooper was excited to show his grandpa's his trophy. 
Cooper and his proud Opi

Coops and his proud Papa

Thursday, November 22, 2012


                                  The Lord is good to me and I am grateful! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This time last year

At this time last year we were wrapping up our Disney World vacation. From the rides, to the characters, to the parades, to the decorations, to the huge smiles on my boys' faces, to the quality time--it was a magical trip! We loved every minute! Being there is amazing, being there at Christmastime doubled the magic!!  Have to reminisce for a minute....

Okay, I 'm done. ;)
Can't wait to go back!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cousins at the museum

My sister in law Laura and I took our "babies"(ages 3 and 2) to the Children's Museum for a play date and they loved every minute. It had been a while since I had taken Carter there and he was into all of it this time. He loved climbing and playing in the water outside, playing with the trains and in a tee pee, grocery shopping, dressing up like an astronaut, a bat and a doctor and being a scientist. My niece Livvy enjoyed most of those things too but she really loved holding, feeding and rocking the baby dolls...adorable! We had a fun morning! Definitely need to do it more often!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chalk Art

Had to share the recent chalk masterpieces and cuteness done by Cooper and Carter the other day.
Cooper was drawing several neat things and would call me over to see them.

The first one was a sweet list he wrote....

Our five names, then the word family and by Cooper --love it!
Then he drew a nice buck...

SO, Carter decided to get some things drawn and show me too. So precious!!

Here is a mustache...

A slide...

And last but not least, some tiger scratches...

Gotta love the imagination behind Carter's creations. So quick that little guy! =)

I loved my driveway art show! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giving it to HIM

The votes are in and although the President did not have our vote, in our home we will be good examples for our boys. My big boys had voted at school and they were disappointed with the outcome when they woke up this morning. Cody and I told them to remember that it is okay to be disappointed but to always be respectful of others and to respect our president. Most of all we told them to remember that Jesus is the President of ALL presidents!!! In our home we will pray for our leaders and give it to GOD!

When I went into the kitchen to make lunches this morning, I found this note from my hubby. Talk about a good man! I am a blessed girl! (Hope he doesn't mind me posting it)