Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carnival please?

It was Comal County Fair time again this last week. When I told Carter that we were going to ride rides at the carnival after Cooper's flag football practice on Thursday, he was so excited. He kept asking me over and over and over, "We go to the carnival now, please?" Sweet boy! So after practice and grabbing a burger, we headed to the fair grounds. Carter was sooo cute. He was just in awe of the lights and big rides. Wish we could all see it from that three year old perspective. 
Anyway, we got right to the business of riding rides. It was a bigger challenge for us this year. We have Colton who is tall enough and willing to ride everything. Cooper who is tall enough for some things and only willing to ride a few of them. Carter who wants to ride it all but is tall enough to ride just a few. This poses a challenge and another time where Cody and I had to divide and conquer. 
I had the boys stop at the height sign on the way in because we measured there last year and I love to see the difference. 

 Here are my boys in front of the big Ferris wheel. Carter was so excited about the "big circle." Nice to find a ride we can all ride together.

 I rode with Carter on this next ride.(Cody was with the big boys on a big ride.) He was big enough to ride by himself but he patted the seat next to him and said,"Mama, you ride with me?" I was the only adult riding this but it was worth it for this smile....
Carter and my niece Livvy rode the little 4-wheelers and they loved it!

How cute are they? 
 The last picture is of Colton in front of my favorite carnival ride...the Zipper! I love this ride but my hubby...not so much. So glad Colton is fearless cause he wanted to try it. He loved it too so now I have a Zipper riding buddy! =)

 We had a great evening together at the fair but that was the extent of it. We didn't make it back to the fairgrounds. We got lots of rain Friday evening and Saturday so I was glad we went when we did. The boys did have Friday off of school for Fair Day and the parade is that morning. When I gave them a choice about going, they chose to skip it. In all fairness, it is so crowded and has gotten so long and a little boring so I was glad they opted out. We enjoyed a relaxing morning at home instead. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life lately

Forgive me for being a terrible blogger lately. Things have been crazy around here. Getting back into the school routine of getting up early, homework and getting the kids to bed on time still has me tired. Sad I's been like four weeks. But if you know me, you know I don't sleep enough. I am still missing summertime. Just to be sure we don't get bored, we have added flag football for Cooper and fall baseball for Colton. Between the two of them we have practice three nights a week and one game on Saturday and a game on Sunday. So fun but so busy!
Anyway, the last two days once I got the big boys to school, Carter and I have literally not left the house. Yesterday, when I was picking clothes out for him to wear to preschool, he said, "Mama- I want to stay with shoo(you)."  So instead of taking him to school, we played hookie. It was so nice, we played and watched movies and cuddled. Perfect way to spend a Tuesday or any day really. =) Today, we pretty much did the same thing. Love having those days with my baby.
Since this is just a random post, here are some random quotes I have found on Pinterest that I liked or that stuck with me...

Happy Wednesday!! SO glad tomorrow is Thursday and my boys do not have school on Friday. Yay for long weekends!!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

He's home!

Yay!! My happy hunter is home after 8 days away hunting in Colorado. He got home a day early and surprised the boys! Nothing better than the smiles on their faces when they opened the door and saw him standing there. We have missed him tons!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Praying Differently

This quote really stuck with me. It made me totally change the way I pray. I always thanked God in a general way when I prayed but now I get more specific. After all, I am a blessed girl and have sooo soooo much to be grateful for! He deserves all the praise I can give!!

On Mondays, I am doing a women's bible study through IE MOMS(intentionally engaging) at our church.
The book I chose to study is called The Power of a Positive Mom.

I have had the book for a while now and had read parts of it. So when I saw that study was offered, I knew I needed to be there. I have a fabulous group leader and a wonderful group of moms to meet with every week. What better way to start my week than learning more about being a positive Mama for my little men!  I will probably post little parts from this book quite often throughout the study. My pages are glowing with yellow highlighter.=)
Anyway, at the end of each chapter, there is a prayer. This one seemed just perfect for my daily life so I thought I would share...
Wonderful Father, thank you for allowing me to participate in the glorious occupation of motherhood. Thank you being the perfect parent--and the perfect role model! Please help me to remember that my job is significant and eternally important. Help me to glorify you as I work, teach, play, change diapers, and make sandwiches each day. Bless my family with peace and safety as we grow to honor you. In Jesus's name I pray, Amen.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where is that gonna go?

If you know much about my hubby, you know that he is an obsessed avid hunter. Well, he left yesterday for an Elk hunt in Colorado. They got there today and were able to bow hunt tonight. He just sent me this picture...

He is SUPER excited! I am soo sooo happy for him but I can't help but wonder

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't wanna forget...

Carter is so funny these days. Have to get these things down so I can remember them...

*He loved having me video him in this costume and he would immediately have to watch it!

*He is starting to sound like his big brothers, using words like " actually" and sayings like "just kidding."

*One day I walked in the room from getting ready to go somewhere and saw that his face was messy. I said, "Carter, you are a mess." He said, " Mama you so pretty!"

*I have this book on my night table and the other day he was looking at it. He said as he pointed to the keys on the cover, " Mama this is my book about my key."

Just in case you forgot what his key looked like in his belly. =)

Then he opened the book and pretended to read it very seriously.  It went something like this..."The key went down in my tummy and I pooped it out." I laughed so hard.  In case you missed that crazy key story, read about it here.

*Lately, when he wants more time with something he says, "just four more minutes." Not sure why he chooses four but he almost always does.

*He loves to pray and it is adorable. It usually goes something like this...
"Dear God,
Thank you for Mama and Daddy.
Thank you for noodles and ketchup.
Love you God. Amen."

*At my nephew's Baptism a few weeks ago, he saw this stain glass window. He yelled, " Opi--it's Jesus!"

*Lately, every time I put him down for a nap, just as I am about to close the door he says, " Mama-don't leave me." It tugs at my heart.  He just wants to make sure that I am here when he wakes up. =)

*Just as I was about to get rid of the glider in his room so I could use the space for toys, he has started to want to be rocked. We sit in the chair and sing his favorite songs, "Jesus Love Me", " The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "You are my Sunshine." After about five minutes he will give me a big kiss and say he wants to get in his bed. I LOVE this time!!! I am happy to leave that glider in there for as long as he will rock with me. =)

*The other day we were driving behind a trash truck. So I pointed it out. He said," That truck is stinky. It has my poop in it." Poop is on his mind since we are working on potty training.=)

I will probably keep adding to this list because there is always something new and adorable coming from my three year old. =)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where were you?

I was teaching a class full of innocent third graders...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cooper's Baptism =)

My little family
Today was a perfect day!! Our Cooper was baptized this morning!! He was a little nervous but excited too!! Our children's pastor is awesome and made him feel at ease. The service was wonderful! Cody and I's hearts are overflowing. It is amazing to know that Cooper is making the commitment to Christ and was ready to show everyone that he belongs to Jesus! I was also overwhelmed with the love and excitement of our family and friends. We filled four rows of people close to us there to witness Cooper's special day and all of them were so full of happiness. I looked around and felt so beyond blessed!!!!
As soon as Cooper was baptized, Carter says loudly, " When my turn Mama?" Love it!!

SOOOOOOO proud of our boy!!!!!!
 LOVE my handsome guys in their ties!!

 As a bonus, it is Grandparent's day. What better way to spend it then seeing one of your grand kids get baptized right? My kids are sooo sooo lucky! They have two sets of THE BEST grandparents ever!!  We are lucky enough to still have Cody's Nana with us(she wasn't feeling good so she had to miss it) and she is a wonderful great Grandma!! Happy Grandparent's day you five!
My parents and my boys

Cody's parents and our boys

My parents with all 6 of their grand kids

Cody's parents with their 7 grand kids
 After church, we celebrated at our house with some lunch! So nice to let the kids play and all just be together!!
The picture in the frame is from Cooper's Christening as a baby. He was about 6 months old. 

Cute cookies I had made

It was a wonderful day!! GOD is so GOOD!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of preschool

Carter had his first day back to preschool on Tuesday and it did not go well. He started crying before the school word was ever mentioned because he didn't want to wear his shoes. =) Then he started saying he didn't want to go to school. "I stay with you Mama." It really does break my heart but I want to be able to help in the big boys classrooms so I need him situated a few days a week. Also, the fact that the shoe part caused more of the tears helped me be strong. =) Anyway, I got him ready and wanted to take the traditional front porch pictures. He was not having it. 
First he sat and pouted...
Then he cried and wouldn't move Pooh Bear...

Then he put Pooh Bear down but gave me this heart breaking face...

Once we got in the car, he was okay but cried a little as we went to his class. He held on to me for a minute but didn't make a big fuss. As I talked to his teacher, he wandered off to play. I captured this next shot of him playing tear free less than a minute after I walked away....

When I picked him up he was all smiles. He said he missed me but he had fun! He had a great day and apparently never cried at all. Thank goodness!
So I took the pictures I was wanting to take in the morning before school. This time I got his sweet, sweet smile. LOVE my baby!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dove hunting

Yesterday afternoon was spent doing a little dove hunting. Well, I just show up so I can capture a few cute pictures but the boys all love the time they spend being "manly" with their Daddy. =) 

LOVE my hunters!!!!!



Coops wouldn't look at the camera--he was busy. 

Cooper was doing some target practice at a can. 

They were great helpers and retrieved the doves. 

Love Carter's hat!