Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't wanna forget...

Carter is so funny these days. Have to get these things down so I can remember them...

*He loved having me video him in this costume and he would immediately have to watch it!

*He is starting to sound like his big brothers, using words like " actually" and sayings like "just kidding."

*One day I walked in the room from getting ready to go somewhere and saw that his face was messy. I said, "Carter, you are a mess." He said, " Mama you so pretty!"

*I have this book on my night table and the other day he was looking at it. He said as he pointed to the keys on the cover, " Mama this is my book about my key."

Just in case you forgot what his key looked like in his belly. =)

Then he opened the book and pretended to read it very seriously.  It went something like this..."The key went down in my tummy and I pooped it out." I laughed so hard.  In case you missed that crazy key story, read about it here.

*Lately, when he wants more time with something he says, "just four more minutes." Not sure why he chooses four but he almost always does.

*He loves to pray and it is adorable. It usually goes something like this...
"Dear God,
Thank you for Mama and Daddy.
Thank you for noodles and ketchup.
Love you God. Amen."

*At my nephew's Baptism a few weeks ago, he saw this stain glass window. He yelled, " Opi--it's Jesus!"

*Lately, every time I put him down for a nap, just as I am about to close the door he says, " Mama-don't leave me." It tugs at my heart.  He just wants to make sure that I am here when he wakes up. =)

*Just as I was about to get rid of the glider in his room so I could use the space for toys, he has started to want to be rocked. We sit in the chair and sing his favorite songs, "Jesus Love Me", " The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "You are my Sunshine." After about five minutes he will give me a big kiss and say he wants to get in his bed. I LOVE this time!!! I am happy to leave that glider in there for as long as he will rock with me. =)

*The other day we were driving behind a trash truck. So I pointed it out. He said," That truck is stinky. It has my poop in it." Poop is on his mind since we are working on potty training.=)

I will probably keep adding to this list because there is always something new and adorable coming from my three year old. =)


April said...

OMG I am cracking up at all those cute things he is saying! I love the mind of children. Love the part about your book being about a key and the poop. So glad you can laugh about that now. I am with you on the glider too. We still have ours in Jonah's room and I don't see it leaving anytime soon b/c we always read our stories there each night. Love this post.

KERRY said...

Hi Melanie! It is such a beautiful age isn't it??!! The age of discovery and development, learning new things and saying new things and you just think to yourself how absolutely amazing these little people are...He's a cutie pie xoxo