Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cooper's Baptism =)

My little family
Today was a perfect day!! Our Cooper was baptized this morning!! He was a little nervous but excited too!! Our children's pastor is awesome and made him feel at ease. The service was wonderful! Cody and I's hearts are overflowing. It is amazing to know that Cooper is making the commitment to Christ and was ready to show everyone that he belongs to Jesus! I was also overwhelmed with the love and excitement of our family and friends. We filled four rows of people close to us there to witness Cooper's special day and all of them were so full of happiness. I looked around and felt so beyond blessed!!!!
As soon as Cooper was baptized, Carter says loudly, " When my turn Mama?" Love it!!

SOOOOOOO proud of our boy!!!!!!
 LOVE my handsome guys in their ties!!

 As a bonus, it is Grandparent's day. What better way to spend it then seeing one of your grand kids get baptized right? My kids are sooo sooo lucky! They have two sets of THE BEST grandparents ever!!  We are lucky enough to still have Cody's Nana with us(she wasn't feeling good so she had to miss it) and she is a wonderful great Grandma!! Happy Grandparent's day you five!
My parents and my boys

Cody's parents and our boys

My parents with all 6 of their grand kids

Cody's parents with their 7 grand kids
 After church, we celebrated at our house with some lunch! So nice to let the kids play and all just be together!!
The picture in the frame is from Cooper's Christening as a baby. He was about 6 months old. 

Cute cookies I had made

It was a wonderful day!! GOD is so GOOD!!!!


Angie said...

Yes, God is Good!!!
Such a wonderful day :)

April said...

That is so awesome! Seeing our children have a heart for Jesus is what we all should be striving for. Well done to you two parents!

Natalie said...

Awww congrats to Cooper! Your boys look so cute in their ties.