Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carnival please?

It was Comal County Fair time again this last week. When I told Carter that we were going to ride rides at the carnival after Cooper's flag football practice on Thursday, he was so excited. He kept asking me over and over and over, "We go to the carnival now, please?" Sweet boy! So after practice and grabbing a burger, we headed to the fair grounds. Carter was sooo cute. He was just in awe of the lights and big rides. Wish we could all see it from that three year old perspective. 
Anyway, we got right to the business of riding rides. It was a bigger challenge for us this year. We have Colton who is tall enough and willing to ride everything. Cooper who is tall enough for some things and only willing to ride a few of them. Carter who wants to ride it all but is tall enough to ride just a few. This poses a challenge and another time where Cody and I had to divide and conquer. 
I had the boys stop at the height sign on the way in because we measured there last year and I love to see the difference. 

 Here are my boys in front of the big Ferris wheel. Carter was so excited about the "big circle." Nice to find a ride we can all ride together.

 I rode with Carter on this next ride.(Cody was with the big boys on a big ride.) He was big enough to ride by himself but he patted the seat next to him and said,"Mama, you ride with me?" I was the only adult riding this but it was worth it for this smile....
Carter and my niece Livvy rode the little 4-wheelers and they loved it!

How cute are they? 
 The last picture is of Colton in front of my favorite carnival ride...the Zipper! I love this ride but my hubby...not so much. So glad Colton is fearless cause he wanted to try it. He loved it too so now I have a Zipper riding buddy! =)

 We had a great evening together at the fair but that was the extent of it. We didn't make it back to the fairgrounds. We got lots of rain Friday evening and Saturday so I was glad we went when we did. The boys did have Friday off of school for Fair Day and the parade is that morning. When I gave them a choice about going, they chose to skip it. In all fairness, it is so crowded and has gotten so long and a little boring so I was glad they opted out. We enjoyed a relaxing morning at home instead. 

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