Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here is a quick conversation that involved these two:

Cooper: Mama-look I have a little cut on my toe. When the door opened it hit my toe and scraped it. It didn't hurt until I looked at it though.
Colton: Kind of like a Piranha bite. It doesn't hurt at first. But when you look at it, then it hurts.(Information I have never heard)
Cooper: Okay then if I ever get bit by a Piranha, I won't ever look at it and then it will never hurt.

Oh if everything could be that easy! =)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cooper's first day

Today was Cooper's first day back to preschool. I was worried because when we would talk about going back to school, somedays he would be excited and others not so much. But he did great today! He walked right in( after posing for pictures for me of course) and he found his good buddy from last year. He is in the "big" class this year. It is his last year of preschool before kinder and I know they get them prepared for elementary in this class. So happy he had a great first day and is excited to go back on Thursday!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My big 2nd grader

Well, today was the started. I cannot believe that summer is already over. It was a fun but fast one. So Colton went back to school today. He is a big 2nd grader now. That is so crazy to me!! There were a few nerves last night in bed and a few this morning but all in all, he was ready. He got a GREAT teacher, Mrs. Crosland and we are so excited to be spending this school year with her. I know Colton is in good hands and that is such a blessing. The school is new this year too. No more Comal elementary, now it is Garden Ridge Elementary. It is a big, beautiful place to learn. Colton said his day was great and he had fun....success! It is going to be a great year!

Last Hoorah!

We spent the last weekend of summer at the coast. We had such a great time there with my parents. While Cody and my Dad went fishing, my mom kept Carter and I took the big boys to the beach. We had so much fun playing in the water and in the sand. (No pictures of that this time, I had to be paying close attention since I was the only adult.)
On Saturday night we went to a place we enjoy called Funtrackers. My parents, especially my dad, love to watch the boys drive the go carts. Colton and Cooper love it. Cody and Cooper also had a water war with Colton on the bumper boats. Then we headed into the arcade and played some games. Carter rode a few little moving vehicles and loved it. It was lots of fun! I have to tell you how sweet my Colton is. He was playing a crane game that had lots of inexpensive jewelry in it and he says "Mama-- see that butterfly necklace? Do you like it?"  To which I said "Of course but you can get something that you want." He says, "I want to win that for you. " And he did! He was so proud of himself and happy that he got that for me. Then he insisted on using part of his tickets to get me a little birthstone ring. I put my new jewelry right on and am wearing it whenever I can. So sweet!! It brought tears in my eyes for him to be worried about getting me a gift with his chance to get something for himself. Love that boy!
It was great weekend and a great way to say goodbye to summer.

Inflatable Wonderland

We spent several fun days at Inflatable Wonderland this summer. My boys love playing there. Last week we had a fun morning there with our cute cousins Landon and Luke. Carter had always been apprehensive in the past but this time he was ready to play. He crawled right into the Sesame Street inflatable and bounced and giggled. It was too cute! Lots of energy was burned and lots of fun was had by all!!!

Cooper, Luke, Colton and Landon

Shark!!!!  Aren't they funny?

Awww, Carter likes Elmo.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Cooper's First Date

Some of our dearest friends have a little girl name Reagan that is about a year younger than Cooper. She and Cooper are so cute together. This summer at a birthday party, they hopped in a battery powered truck and Cooper drove Reagan around. We joked that it was their first date. It was so adorable! Who knows someday it just might happen. I sure hope Cooper picks precious girls like Reagan to date when the time comes.
Reagan going in for a kiss.

Well, maybe not today. =)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, more summer fun was had by my boys at ZDT's in Sequin. The big boys love that place. The trampoline bungy thing and ballcity room is where they spent most of their time.

He was so close to the ceiling!!

     They also went on the roller coaster simulator. Colton loved it and Cooper wanted to love it. =) The worker told Colton all about the emergency stop button and well--it was pushed right away. Cooper wanted out. Of course when the door was opened then he said it was okay. Ultimately, he decided to skip it.

Sweet Carter tried the little car and alligator that move but they were pretty jerky and he wasn't a fan of that. He liked to play on them when they were still though. Also, the ballcity does some loud noises that scared him so he just hung out. He liked watching his big brothers run around. Thank goodness Mammy was along with us to stroll with him and load him up on snacks. So he still had fun!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Witte

We are down to two weeks of summer so we are squeezing in all the summer fun we can these days. We headed to The Witte Museum to see the Dinosaur Exhibit with Graham, Grady, Aunt Hillary and Omi. Poor Carter was scared because that area was dark and the roars were a little loud so Omi took him to see some other stuff. (That explains why Carter is only in one picture.) But my big boys loved it! The dinosaurs were large and active.=) A few of them even had buttons that allowed you to move them and make them roar. There was also a small area where you could "dig" for fossils. So fun!!! The perfect end to our fun morning was meeting Cody for lunch afterwards --that is always a treat.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Children's Museum

Colton and Cooper love the New Braunfels Chidren's Museum and now Carter does too. We made a trip there last week and they all enjoyed every minute. They all love playing in the grocery store section and Carter loved pushing those carts that are just his size. Colton was so sweet and helped him "shop".

The big boys "tiled a kitchen", rode in a kayak and fished.

All of them loved driving the ambulance but Carter spent the most time there. He had a blast turning on the lights and turning the steering wheel.

Since this was Carter's first trip to the museum, he was checking everything out. He spent a little bit of the time in a toddler area but for the most part, he roamed and explored it all.


Even Carter's beloved Pooh Bear made the trip. =)