Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am Thankful ...

For toothless grins and jammies that match,
For cuddly kids and my ultimate catch.
For three healthy boys and a yard they can roam,
For loving parents and a warm, cozy home.
For teachers so sweet and kiddos so smart,
For dinners together and nice cars that start.
For Cody's hand to hold and the job he does well,
For the priviledge to stay home and the groceries that sell.=)
For cute little nephews and sisters and brothers,
For the quality time spent with one another.
For my chubby baby and my big boys so tall,
For the smiles and laughter within these walls. 
For friendships formed both old and new,
For bonds with our familes so strong and true.
For bear hugs in the morning and kisses at night,
For our faith in God making everything right.
For our family of five that is filled full of love,
For all of the big and small gifts from above.
For being together and staying that way,
These are all blessings I count on this day!


Friday, November 20, 2009

My Gerber Baby

Carter had his first taste of rice cereal on Wednesday evening. He wasn't impressed. More of it ran down his chin than his throat but I know he just has to get used to having some flavor in his diet. I have no doubt that my tubby baby will be a big eater when he starts getting all the fun foods. He did like playing with and chewing on the spoon. These pictures crack me up, his face says it all. No matter what he can go right back to that sweet smile. =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A few milestones

Well, Carter now rolls over and sleeps in his own crib. He was still sleeping through the night in the bassinet but he just wouldn't nap in it. SO- I moved him waaaay across the house to his crib. =) I dreaded that change because he is not right by my bed at night and it means time is going by too fast. But he does seem pretty comfortable in his bed.  He sleeps a good 11 hours at night and is napping like a champ. He loves his exersaucer so far but it is hard work for him so he doesn't spend that much time in there yet.  Here are a few pictures of my sweet baby. I just can't get enough of him!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Ridin' Around

Colton finally decided to try to ride his bike without his training wheels last week. We knew he could do it but he would always decide to ride his scooter instead of his bike. Anyway, last Wednesday we talked him into taking off the training wheels. He took right off with barely a bobble and looked like he had been riding forever. So now he loves riding his bike. Oh and he looks really big on it. Santa may have to bring a new one this year.

Also last week, Cooper got a new scooter because I accidentally ran into his and ruined one of the wheels. His old one had three wheels but now he has a big boy two wheel one. He does really well and loves it! Here are some pictures of them enjoying an evening just ridin' around.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Night

We had a great time trick or treating through our neighborhood on a hayride. It was very fun and we covered more ground that way. My boys, my four nephews and Colton's great friend Cameron rode along. We had two BumbleBee Transformers, The Incredible Hulk, Peter Pan, a fisherman, an alligator and a Ninja.  My sweet Carter and Mammy stayed at the house and gave out candy. Afterwards, we came back to our house for pizza and to dive into all that candy. It was a great night! The boys got tons of junk and now I am waiting for my will power to kick in. I think I could live on candy. Not good! Anyway, hope your Halloween night was as fun as ours.