Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 months already!!

Carter had his two month appointment this week. It was no fun because he had to get three shots and an oral vaccine. So both thighs got poked. He did pretty good considering. But the poor guy had a horrible time that evening. He did a lot of crying. The kind with tears like he was in pain. We felt so sorry for him. Luckily he was back to his old sweet, content self by morning. Here are my big boy's stats:
Weight: 15.13 lbs(off the chart percentage wise)
Height: 23.6 (76 percentile)
He has sure grown and is doing so well. He has been sleeping through the night for about two weeks.(And yes, I know how lucky I am) What usually happens is that I feed him at 8:30ish and he goes to sleep about 9:00 and he wakes up about 6:00. I definitely couldn't ask for much more than that. He has a very serious face that he makes, like he is really thinking about something. But he also does lots of smiling. He is really trying to "talk" to us these days too. This week he started laughing out loud...there is no better sound than that. Oh how I loooove this baby!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cooper's first day.

Today Cooper started back to preschool. He was so ready and excited. His class is called the Tiger Cubs. He has one new teacher and one that he had last year. They are both very sweet. When I picked him up, they said he had a great day. He really enjoyed it and is pumped to go back on Thursday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My 1st Grader

Today Colton started first grade. I can hardly believe it! He was a little nervous and a lot excited. He has a great teacher and several of his friends are in his class so he is a happy guy. He said he had a great day and he gave me a quick rundown of all that he did! He was worn out and yawned the whole way home. Once we get used to getting up early again, I just know we are going to have a great year! (Oh, luckily we pulled up at the same time as two of my nephews. Landon started Kinder and Graham started first...we had to snap a photo of them together.)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


All week I have been telling the boys that they need to be so thankful for such a good baby brother. Carter is awesome! He has tagged along everywhere with us(except to Schlitterbahn of course) and usually just hangs out or snoozes. He is just a perfect baby!! Here are a few shots of him doing what he does best-- being cute! =)

The last week of summer

This week we have been so busy trying to squeeze in lots of fun before school starts. We made it to ZDT in Sequin. It is an indoor amusement park and the boys had a blast. Rock climbing wall, a bungee trampoline, a room with foam balls and lots of places to shoot them, and arcade games--it was all a lot of fun. On Wednesday we went to Schlitterbahn and the boys wore themselves out. They love that place and this was only the second time we have been able to go this summer. We had a great time. Today we went to the Children's Museum. It is always a hit. There is so much to play and discover in that place. Not sure what is in store for tomorrow, our very last summer day. =( They are requesting Chuck E Cheese. We'll see.
Oh by the way, both boys had their meet the teacher night this week. The teachers seem great and I think we have a great year ahead of us. Hopefully, overflowing with knowledge and fun!
Here are some pictures from our fun week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brotherly Love

There are two BIG boys in our house that adore their baby brother. It is so fun to watch them. They are both so eager to get Carter to smile and laugh. (in the picture with Carter laughing, it is Colton's hand you see doing the tickling) They love hugging, kissing, holding and talking to him. Here are a few of the sweet things I hear from Carter's big brothers everyday:

"Baby Carter is soooo cute."
"I love our little red head baby."
"We have the cutest baby in the world!"
"I sure love my little brother."
"I am so glad Carter is here."

They are such good big brothers!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My chubby baby!

I can't believe my Carter is 6 weeks old! He got weighed today and he tips the scales at 14.4 lbs. He is in the 99.51 percentile for his age. We have moved up to size 2 diapers and some size 6 month outfits. Whoa!!!
Oh how I love those chubby cheeks, that double chin and those chunky thighs!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A trip to the pool

We did some swimming on Saturday evening. The boys have been doing most of their swimming at Omi's neighbor's house. They have a great pool, complete with a slide, and are so sweet to let us come use it. But since we hadn't been to the neighborhood pool in a while, that is where we went. Anyway, here are a few pictures of the evening swim. It was Carter's first time to the pool. Of course he hung out in his stroller but it was nice for all five of us to be there together. My boys absolutely love the water and it sure does wear them out. Can't believe the summer is almost over!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Camper

Colton went to Day Camp last week at TBarM and loved every minute of it! Each day was filled with great activities...swimming(complete with slides, diving boards and a blob), putt-putt golf, sports, bible lessons, outdoor play, worship time and the list goes on. He had two awesome counselors, Chris and Alex. Colton loved having the two of them guide him through the fun each day! He also got to have one of his preschool buddies, Louie, in his group. On the last day, parents were invited to see a little bit of what the kids did all week. Cody and I got to meet the counselors and check out the camp. The counselors gave each camper a certificate and gave each kid a characteristic that they saw in them as outstanding. Colton was given Enthusiasm. They said he was always ready with a smile and eager to do the activities. He learned a lot and had a blast. We will definitely make sure that we get signed up for next summer! Here are a few pictures of our camper getting his certificate, with his buddy and with his great counselors.