Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Camper

Colton went to Day Camp last week at TBarM and loved every minute of it! Each day was filled with great activities...swimming(complete with slides, diving boards and a blob), putt-putt golf, sports, bible lessons, outdoor play, worship time and the list goes on. He had two awesome counselors, Chris and Alex. Colton loved having the two of them guide him through the fun each day! He also got to have one of his preschool buddies, Louie, in his group. On the last day, parents were invited to see a little bit of what the kids did all week. Cody and I got to meet the counselors and check out the camp. The counselors gave each camper a certificate and gave each kid a characteristic that they saw in them as outstanding. Colton was given Enthusiasm. They said he was always ready with a smile and eager to do the activities. He learned a lot and had a blast. We will definitely make sure that we get signed up for next summer! Here are a few pictures of our camper getting his certificate, with his buddy and with his great counselors.

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