Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 months already!!

Carter had his two month appointment this week. It was no fun because he had to get three shots and an oral vaccine. So both thighs got poked. He did pretty good considering. But the poor guy had a horrible time that evening. He did a lot of crying. The kind with tears like he was in pain. We felt so sorry for him. Luckily he was back to his old sweet, content self by morning. Here are my big boy's stats:
Weight: 15.13 lbs(off the chart percentage wise)
Height: 23.6 (76 percentile)
He has sure grown and is doing so well. He has been sleeping through the night for about two weeks.(And yes, I know how lucky I am) What usually happens is that I feed him at 8:30ish and he goes to sleep about 9:00 and he wakes up about 6:00. I definitely couldn't ask for much more than that. He has a very serious face that he makes, like he is really thinking about something. But he also does lots of smiling. He is really trying to "talk" to us these days too. This week he started laughing out loud...there is no better sound than that. Oh how I loooove this baby!

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Lynn said...

OMG! What a chunker. Her really looks like Colton in the first picture. Such a cutie. Glad he is feeling better.