Thursday, August 20, 2009

The last week of summer

This week we have been so busy trying to squeeze in lots of fun before school starts. We made it to ZDT in Sequin. It is an indoor amusement park and the boys had a blast. Rock climbing wall, a bungee trampoline, a room with foam balls and lots of places to shoot them, and arcade games--it was all a lot of fun. On Wednesday we went to Schlitterbahn and the boys wore themselves out. They love that place and this was only the second time we have been able to go this summer. We had a great time. Today we went to the Children's Museum. It is always a hit. There is so much to play and discover in that place. Not sure what is in store for tomorrow, our very last summer day. =( They are requesting Chuck E Cheese. We'll see.
Oh by the way, both boys had their meet the teacher night this week. The teachers seem great and I think we have a great year ahead of us. Hopefully, overflowing with knowledge and fun!
Here are some pictures from our fun week!

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