Monday, November 29, 2010

A Trophy

Most of you know that my hubby is an obsessed avid hunter. Well, he had a great hunt this past weekend and came home with a trophy buck that he had been watching this season. I am very glad everything fell into place and he was able to get him. Our freezer is pretty stocked so he is donating the meat. Once he is mounted, we just have to find a place for him on the wall. =)  Proud of you Babe!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thankful...

For toothless grins and jammies that match,
For cuddly kids and my ultimate catch.
For three healthy boys and a yard they can roam,
For loving parents and a warm, cozy home.
For teachers so sweet and kiddos so smart,
For dinners together and nice cars that start.
For Cody's hand to hold and the job he does well,
For the priviledge to stay home and the groceries that sell.=)
For my nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers,
For the quality time spent with one another.
For my active toddler and my big boys so tall,
For the smiles and laughter within these walls.
For friendships formed both old and new,
For bonds with our familes so strong and true.
For bear hugs in the morning and kisses at night,
For our faith in God making everything right.
For our family of five that is filled full of love,
For all of the big and small gifts from above.
For being together and staying that way,
These are all blessings I count on this day!

          Yes- this is the poem I wrote and posted last year. Since it is all still true, I tweaked it a bit and reposted it. =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Little Patient

Our sweet baby Carter had surgery yesterday to have his circumcision REdone. Yes, it is very frustrating but it was not done right the first time so we had to get it fixed. Anyway, the surgery was scheduled for 7:30am so about 7:00 they gave him the liquid medicine to make him sleepy. It worked pretty quickly and our poor baby acted a little drunk. He was floppy, groggy, giggly and could barely keep his little eyes open. Poor thing! Once they took him back they gave him gas to put him to sleep, started the IV and put in a breathing tube. (Thank goodness I couldn't see him like that.)  The surgery went well and only took about 45 mins. They had told us we wouldn't be able to go in the recovery room and that they would bring him out when he woke up. That made me so sad. I couldn't stand the thought of him waking up to strangers. However, when he started to wake up they said he was more alert than expected  and he called for "Mama" right away so I got to go be with him. He was crying off and on and was very annoyed with the IV, so they gave him some pain medicine that calmed him down a lot. Then we spent about another hour making sure he was fully awake and able to keep liquids down and we were headed home.  After a few little fits, he mellowed out on the couch and ate and watched a movie. Then by about 11:00am he was up and running. It was like nothing had happened. He has been doing great today too. He seems completely unaffected--Thank the Lord!! I am so glad that is behind us. By the way, he got such great care from all the Drs. and nurses. So thankful for that too. Oh, one last thing...His big brothers were so worried about his cahones(what they refer to that whole area as). They were wondering when he would get his "cahones cast" off. =) Too funny.

Here is my sweet boy when the medicine was starting to work.

Groggy but oh so cute!

Ready to go in--The cutest patient EVER!!

Me and my baby---he hated that IV.  I was so relieved it was over!!
Had to get a picture of his cute little ET toe. =)

Dr. Pooh Bear--this is how Pooh Bear was dressed when I got into the recovery room. I thought that was adorable and so sweet of the nurses.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Feast

Cooper had his Thanksgiving Feast at preschool today and it was wonderful. The tables were decorated with little mums and cute placemats that the kids made with their handprints. A sweet prayer was said and then they had a full Thanksgiving feast. After lunch they sang an adorable song about turkey dinner(which I want to learn the words to). I am so glad Cooper and I got to enjoy this time together.

The kids got to choose to make an Indian hat or a Pilgrim hat. Doesn't he make a cute little Indian?

My little Indian and me

Ready to eat.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby in a Box

Here's proof that my 16 month old is INTO everything!

The look on his face in this one cracks me up. He was trying to get out.  Maybe a litte too big for this box? =)


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Festival

We had a great day at The Garden Ridge Elelmentary Fall Festival today. The weather was perfect and the boys had so much fun!
They played games...

They got their hair painted...


They rode the barrel train...

They got their face painted....


They posed for pictures with Buster the school Bobcat!


Of course, they looked handsome in their coordinating colors. =)

Thank you Mammy for going along and helping with Carter. We always have extra fun when you are around!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick wit

I had to share a funny conversation Colton and I had on the way out of church today. Colton saw a few people eating donuts and this is what our chat went like:

Colton:  "Yummm.... That donut looks so good. I love donuts! Mama-I really loooove donuts!!"
Me(being silly):  "If you love donuts so much,  then why don't you marry them?"
Colton: "Hey- don't insult my wife-Cherry Iced Glaze. That is my favorite."

This picture has nothing to do with donuts but I like to have a picture with every post. Besides, it is my handsome boy.
He cracks me up with his quick wit. If you know me well, you know when I get cracked up I can't stop. I laughed so hard that I cried. My boys love when this happens and they were cracking up too. Good times!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

No more cast!!

Colton got his cast off this past week--thank goodness! He really has done well adapting to doing most things left handed and has been a trooper about it, but it was time. The cast looked terrible. It was missing the connector part between his finger and thumb, and lots of padding had been picked away. It was so funny because it didn't require the saw to get it off. The Dr. just slid it right off. He even made the comment to Colton, "You really go easy on things huh?"  The cast looked rough. =) The benefit to it having loosened up is that it didn't really smell that bad.  Anyway, the x-ray showed that his wrist has been healing really well but it is only about 85% of the way done. He doesn't need another cast but he does need to take it easy. He has to continue to sit out in PE for another month just to be on the safe side. We do not want him to rebreak it!!
Here is a picture of my happy, cast less boy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Night

We did our annual Trick or Treat Hayride on Halloween this year and had a great time again. Opi and Omi got the tractor and trailer all ready and we loaded up with some great costumed kiddos. =) Mammy & Papa stayed at the house and handed out candy with a super helper, Carter. (And Papa made a pizza run for us while we were gone.) After the treat bags were full, we headed home for pizza and more treats. It was a fun night!!
Cooper, Graham, Cameron and Colton on the hayride

My sweet Carter, aka Tigger, with his friend Pooh

Cooper, aka Indiana Jones,  on the hayride

Colton and his Aunt Stacy

My nephew Luke: cutest police officer ever!

My little pumpkin =)

Cameron, Colton, Landon & Graham

Colton, aka The Wolfman