Wednesday, July 28, 2010

11 years!!

My hubby and I celebrated 11 years of marriage on Saturday. We had just gotten home from our trip full of wonderful quality time so we wanted to spend the day with our boys. We just grilled and hung out as a family...Perfect!!
I feel super blessed to be sharing my life with Cody. He is who I am meant to be with and I am so lucky to have him. The life we share is full of happiness and contentment and most of all love!! I look forward to growing old and gray with Cody Mueller!

A Great Trip!

Okay, I am a little late posting about our trip but since we have been home I have been spending every minute with my boys and trying to catch up. We did have a great time though. We started off in Antwerp ( a little town near Brussels). It is a super cute town with very nice people, a lot of which spoke English pretty well. That helped. We got there on Sunday morning and spent the day walking around the quaint town. Monday and Tuesday Cody and the other two men traveling with us had to go to a bakery for work. SO the other two wives and myself had late, long breakfasts and strolled through town. Very relaxing but it gave me a lot of time to miss my boys. I have not had that much down time in, oh about 7 years. =) On Tuesday afternoon we took a two hour train ride to Paris. It is a much busier town than I ever imagined. Lots more tourists than I ever imagined and much smaller, stronger cups of coffee than I ever imagined. =) Still it was such an amazing place. We took an open tour bus and hit all the main spots...The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, The Arch of Triumph and Notre Dame Cathedral. We had great food and spectacular desserts. It was so nice to sit on the outside of the cafes and people watch. We really had just two and a half days there but we felt like we saw the big things we went to see. I so enjoyed my time away with my hubby too. But we were both so ready to get home to our three little men. They had been having a fun week with Mammy and Papa and Omi and Opi but were missing us too. When we landed in Dallas, American Airlines cancelled our flight to San Antonio and we were going to have to wait until the next morning. Cody and I were so anxious to get home that we went from that airport to another one and paid for a flight home from there. It was so worth it!! Seeing those three sweet, smiling faces at the airport was priceless. Our Carter had this amazed smile like he was saying, they did come back. Poor baby, Cody and I were so sad thinking about what must have been going on in his little mind. Having the five of us back together made the world right again. I have to say, I was very lost without my boys.
I can only attach a few of the many pictures I took. Some of them have Woody from Toy Story in them. We took him a long and he traveled Europe so we could show our boys. They loved it!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay- I am a big ball of nerves! My hubby and I have the opportunity to go to Europe for a few days. He has to be in Brussels for work for a day or two and then we decided to add a few days in Paris. Don't get me wrong I have always wanted to go there so I am very excited but my stomach hurts just thinking aout leaving my boys. We are so lucky that both my mom and Cody's mom encouraged me to go and assured me that they would love to take care of the boys. It is a huge relief to know that my three little men will be being loved and spoiled the whole time we are gone. I just weaned Carter after his birthday and he has done great so that is no problem. I do hate leaving him since he is so young. (I guess he won't remember it right?)
Anyway, we fly out on Saturday morning and we return Friday night. It is going to be so nice to be away with my hubby since it has been over 4 years since we have done that. Our 11 year anniversary is the day after we get back so what better way to celebrate than having an early anniversary dinner in Paris! I know that once we get gone I will be fine but until then I am so nervous and emotional. I will not let the what ifs set in and I will pray, pray, pray!
Today I asked Colton what I was gonna do next week without him and he said,  "Mama you will be fine."
I will be sure to take lots of pictures and you will see them here no doubt.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Carter's New Do

We got Carter his 1st haircut today. It was time since it was way over his ears and we were constantly having to tuck it behind them. The idea was to trim it and save the beloved curls in the back but we were told that it would be a mullet and well--no thanks. So he got a regular little boy's haircut. He did so good and loved playing in the little car while all those sweet baby hairs fell from his head. Can you tell I was emotional about it? =) The new do does make him look much older but he looks so verrry handsome!!




Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

We spent the long weekend for the 4th at the coast with Cody's family. We had so much fun! We spent plenty of time at the beach and the pool. Carter loved the beach again. He would go straight to the holes that were dug and sit in them and just play with the sand. He also kept bending over and putting his head down to look between his legs. It was so cute and made his head as messy as the rest of him. I'm bummed that I never got a picture of him doing that. I did get a picture of him super messy. My big boys enjoyed the beach as always and Colton even got buried from the neck down in the sand. =)

We loved the sand but squeezed in a few other fun things too. On Saturday night, Cody and I took the boys to Funtrackers. They had so much fun riding go carts and bumper boats and playing a few arcade games. (I have to get the pictures off of Cody's phone) Then on Sunday, we went with Cody's family to tour the U.S.S. Lexington. It was a great way to spend the 4th. We saw the way my Dad (and many other sailors) used to live when he was in the Navy. The boys enjoyed navigating through the ship and Carter had his adventure riding in a backpack seat on Cody's back...thanks Bobby and Hillary. We look forward to going back with my Dad next time so we could hear all the details of Navy life.
That night we watched the fireworks on a grassy area near the ferry. It was a good show. Poor Carter didn't like the noise so I pushed one ear against his Pooh Bear and covered the other ear with my hand. That worked because he sure wanted to see them. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the fireworks but here are some from our tour of the Lexington. 

An evening on the lake

A few weekends ago we went to the lake with my parents. We love to be on my Dad's boat and just don't take advantage of it enough so it was time. It was a perfect evening for it and we all had a so much fun. It was Carter's 1st boat trip and he really enjoyed it. While the boat was moving fast he snuggled up to me but when it was still he was checking everything out. The boys and Cody took a little dip and he loved that too. Here are some pictures from the fun we had. My big boys had to do some tricks off the boat. =)

The last picture cracks me up because Carter found a little puddle of water and had to play with it.=)