Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am Thankful ...

For toothless grins and jammies that match,
For cuddly kids and my ultimate catch.
For three healthy boys and a yard they can roam,
For loving parents and a warm, cozy home.
For teachers so sweet and kiddos so smart,
For dinners together and nice cars that start.
For Cody's hand to hold and the job he does well,
For the priviledge to stay home and the groceries that sell.=)
For cute little nephews and sisters and brothers,
For the quality time spent with one another.
For my chubby baby and my big boys so tall,
For the smiles and laughter within these walls. 
For friendships formed both old and new,
For bonds with our familes so strong and true.
For bear hugs in the morning and kisses at night,
For our faith in God making everything right.
For our family of five that is filled full of love,
For all of the big and small gifts from above.
For being together and staying that way,
These are all blessings I count on this day!



Texas Mom said...

Wow... you have a way with words. Great job!

Lynn said...

I love your poems. That is awesome!!! I'm thankful for YOU!!

Wendy said...

I LOVE your poem, Mel!!!

Amy Harlien said...

That was awesome!! Much to be thankful for...

Shelley said...

WOW...Love the peom. It is GREAT!