Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He called!!!

Tonight the boys got a call from the big man himself...Santa Claus! He talked to them about what he could bring them and what they have been doing well. He knew all about what they are learning at school, their teacher's names and their friends. He even talked to them about what they could work on to be sure they stay on the nice list. Colton was most surprised when Santa mentioned his friend the tooth fairy and how he knew she had picked up three of Colton's teeth. Cooper was most surprised when Santa mentioned his teachers' names. He said "You know my teachers?" Since Carter couldn't talk yet, Santa did ask Colton and Cooper what he should bring their baby brother. They had a few ideas. The call was supposed to be 8 minutes but my boys jabbered so much it was almost 13 minutes. They were so cute and had to tell Santa how they believed in him, his elves and his reindeer.  After they hung up the phone they just kept saying "I can't believe Santa called us." Priceless!!
Here are our pictures with Santa this year. I love them!


Brandi said...

Good idea! Your boys look so cute with Santa!

Lynn said...