Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life lately

Forgive me for being a terrible blogger lately. Things have been crazy around here. Getting back into the school routine of getting up early, homework and getting the kids to bed on time still has me tired. Sad I's been like four weeks. But if you know me, you know I don't sleep enough. I am still missing summertime. Just to be sure we don't get bored, we have added flag football for Cooper and fall baseball for Colton. Between the two of them we have practice three nights a week and one game on Saturday and a game on Sunday. So fun but so busy!
Anyway, the last two days once I got the big boys to school, Carter and I have literally not left the house. Yesterday, when I was picking clothes out for him to wear to preschool, he said, "Mama- I want to stay with shoo(you)."  So instead of taking him to school, we played hookie. It was so nice, we played and watched movies and cuddled. Perfect way to spend a Tuesday or any day really. =) Today, we pretty much did the same thing. Love having those days with my baby.
Since this is just a random post, here are some random quotes I have found on Pinterest that I liked or that stuck with me...

Happy Wednesday!! SO glad tomorrow is Thursday and my boys do not have school on Friday. Yay for long weekends!!! 


April said...

Busy boys!! Love all the quotes....I will have to pin them too because there were a couple I had not seen yet.

Kerry said...

Hey Melanie! I love that last quote especially :) Our home is always filled with washing needing put away, ugh my least fave job!
Enjoy those precious moments with your baby. I have to confess I have done that once or twice before by letting Ryan stay home cause he wanted to be with me :)
Have an awesome week, love to you and your sweet family xo