Monday, August 6, 2012

Key Update

Today was the day of the GI appointment for Carter. (If you are not sure what I am talking about go here) Anyway, we got great news! The key that Carter swallowed has made it to his large bowel. The Dr. says things almost always make their way out on their own from there. So we just keep checking diapers, no procedure necessary. If it takes more than a week, we would do another x-ray but he feels certain we will not have to do that. Thank GOD! 

Carter's tummy today 

Here is my little man being patient as we waited at the office. =)

                                                        Thank you all for your prayers!!


April said...

Oh thank goodness! I have been thinking of you all!

Angie said...

Wonderful News!!!

Hillary said...

We are soo thankful that Carter will soon be key-free! :)


Brandi said...