Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer is over =(

We have had such a fabulous summer that I wish it could last a few more months. =) I can't believe school starts tomorrow. I am not ready! The break has gone too fast!!
 Well, like it or not, my big boys have to be there at 7:45 am. We had meet the teacher night on Thursday and the boys were happy with the teachers they got. We got their supplies all settled and left there with some nerves and excitement. Cooper has been counting down the days since then. He is ready to see his friends and start the fun. We were talking about 1st grade and in the cutest, most excited way Cooper said, "Mama- we get to have our own desks in 1st grade!"  (I had forgotten that in Kinder last year, they sat at big tables.) Love those little things that are so big to him!
 Colton is a little more realistic...the 4th grader in him I guess. He is not quite ready to go back. He wants to see his friends and catch up but he told me this tonight. "The first week is pretty fun but then it will just be the same old stuff. Oh but I will get to do more advanced projects in Art so that is good."  He heard from someone that the homework load is large so he is not looking forward to that. Can't blame him there. He is unsure but excited too. 
 We read my favorite back to school book, The Kissing Hand, at bedtime. Colton and Cooper were cuddled in tight while we read. They both talked about how much they will miss me. I had to fight the tears back. I am sad summer is over but I am also excited for them as they start another fun filled year of learning!! 
As we said our prayers thanking God for a great summer and asking for a wonderful school year, I cried. I am going to miss my big boys so much. Carter will miss them too. 
I am so thankful that they go to an amazing school with fabulous teachers though!! I am also super thankful that Carter is only three! 
My cousin tagged me in a post on Facebook with this prayer. LOVE IT so I had to share!!! I will definitely be praying it. 

Sorry that this is a post full of my random ramblings. Gotta get the thoughts down so they can look back with me someday. =)

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KERRY said...

Melanie you are such a sweet mum to your handsome boys and I am positive that they will miss you just as much as you miss them!! I hope you all have a wonderful school year :) xoxo