Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pray please!

On Tuesday just before nap, Carter swallowed a key. Not the kind of key we use for our house but the kind  used for kid's handcuffs.
This is what the foreign object looks like!
He thought this was a funny and cute little key so he has carried it around in his pocket or hand on and off for weeks. We have been past the putting things in your mouth stage for a while...or so I thought. For some reason, he decided to put it in his mouth, when he was laying down and down it accidentally went.  I was right there but had no idea he had put it in his mouth. Anyway, he immediately cried and said it hurt but after distracting him, he was back to normal. Still, I called the Dr to find out how long we should watch for the key or give it to pass. They recommended an xray to make sure that this pesky key was not blocking anything. So we did that and found out that the key was exactly 4 cm.
This is my baby's belly =(

Protocol says that anything over 4 cm should be removed. So we have to watch this carefully. They also recommended that we do a follow up X-ray the next morning to make sure it was still moving along safely. SO yesterday morning I took him to the ER and they did the X-ray. Unfortunately, the stubborn key had not moved at all, it was still high up in his small intestine. Not good. We have been referred to a Pediatric GI doctor to follow up and figure out the next move. They did say that there are times when these foreign objects will move really slowly and can take up to a week to pass. But they also said that the key is long so there is a possibility it is lodged and will not pass. We have our appointment with the specialist scheduled for Monday afternoon. Please say a prayer that the key can make its way through and pass on its own so my baby doesn't have to have a procedure to remove it. Prayer is the key! ;)
Luckily, Carter is feeling fine so far. Happy go lucky! Please pray that continues as well. Until that key passes, I will sift through poopy diapers with hope! =) The joys of motherhood!


April said...

Oh my gracious!! I will definitely pray for that key to pass. That poor baby and you!

Anonymous said...

You got it..praying, Sister! Keep us posted!

Catie said...

Oh no! Poor baby and poor Mommy! Sending prayers.

Kasten said...

Your son is in my prayers : )

Amy Powell said...

oh my goodness! that is so unfortunate. I hope it all gets sorted out without too much pain!

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, poor thing. I hope it passes..praying!!! Keep us updated.