Saturday, August 4, 2012

Colton's swim team banquet

Tonight Colton had his Landa Park Dolphins swim team banquet. It was so neat with an Olympic theme. The speaker was Josh Davis who just so happens to be an Olympic Gold Medalist and he holds several world records. He was awesome! Colton got to meet him and snap a picture with him. He even let Colton try on his gold metals. We also got his autograph on a book he wrote and poster. After we ate a great meal, Josh Davis gave a speech. He is very motivating! His primary message is to have an attitude of gratitude and to work hard. He is a very faithful and inspirational guy!!  After his speech, he handed out the trophies. How awesome for these swimmers to get their trophy from an Olympian!! Very Cool!
Colton received his trophy(and a neat t-shirt) for swimming a mile non-stop. It took him 55 minutes and he stuck with it with a precious smile on his face.
I am so proud of my Colton!! Not just for earning the trophy but for being a hard worker all season. He had to put it lots of time and effort and he did it with a great attitude. Love my boy!!

Colton with his hard earned t-shirt and trophy

Colton and his best buddy Hayden

They had to have a silly picture! Too funny! =)


Hillary said...

We could just not be prouder of Colton!! Way to go!!


Steve Finnell said...

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Angie said...

Way to go Colton!!!