Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today we met up with a few friends and cousins at the bowling alley. The boys hadn't bowled in a while so it was something different. I will say that all of the kids started off excited but by the 7th frame they were ready to move on. They bowled a good game though and definitely had fun!

I should mention that Carter spent a big part of the time on this shelf below. =) He was sad because he couldn't hold his bowling ball the whole time. We needed to share because they were very few lightweight balls. It was either share or don't bowl. So after a little fit, he pouted here. Toddlers---sharing can be rough.=) Luckily, he perked up toward the end(never made it in a group picture though).

Cooper, Brooke, Colton, Hannah holding Livvy, Landon, Luke and Gracie
Not pictured Carter=(

I loved that they had toddler sized bowling shoes for Carter. This picture makes his feet look much smaller than they are but I thought they were too cute. =)

We went from the bowling alley to lunch as a group at Longhorn Cafe and ate outside. Then headed to Orange Leaf for ice cream. It was a nice way to spend a summer day! 

Tomorrow, I am leaving for my relaxing girl's getaway! Nervous and gonna miss my boys but ready for some fun!

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