Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting away

I am excited! I am going on a girl's getaway in two days! Yes- Friday morning I am boarding a plane headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with three of my favorite ladies.
Our hubbies are always getting away hunting together and are taking a looong hunting trip in September so they really encouraged us and kind of pushed us to plan something. I am shocked that we are actually making it happen. (You know how hard it is for Mamas to get away!) 
The four of us are staying at a Westin hotel on the beach in Hollywood, Florida. It looks beautiful and relaxing. We have spa treatments booked and lots of lounging in the sun on our agenda! Oh and we plan to take our time eating delicious food and dessert without rushing or helping anyone else eat. =) 
Our hotel--looks perfect to me. 

My stomach is a little sick and nervous about leaving because I hate being too far from my boys. But I know Cody and the boys will have lots of fun! I love my hubby for encouraging me to get away and refresh (and taking off of work so I can vacation.)I know once us ladies get going, the nerves will subside and I will relax and have a great time. The getting gone is the hardest part for me.  Plus, I have the best faces to come home to.  I will have plenty of pictures for you when we get back! =)


Catie said...

How fun! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing trip! =)

April said...

Enjoy your trip!

KERRY said...

This little getaway sounds awesome Melanie and I bet it was so much fun!! You girls would have had the best time making memories together. It looks so beautiful where you were staying! So relaxing...