Monday, August 13, 2012

Lots of boys

Friday night I had a house full of boys--6 rowdy, fun, excited and happy boys! Colton and Cooper had three of their best friends spend the night. (The Liles boys--Ian is going into 1st grade with Cooper and Luke and Hayden are twins, they are going into 4th with Colton) They were all so good and got along so well! They are also all so sweet to Carter and they let him feel like a big boy--so sweet!
They spent sometime on our blowup water slide on Friday afternoon but then a small rain storm came and the lightning it brought cut that fun short. So we headed inside for some snow cones, playtime, dinner, cookies and milk, games and then watching The Lorax. They stayed up way too late but had so much fun!
Luke, Colton, Cooper, Ian, Carter and Hayden

Hayden, Colton, Ian and Luke

Watching The Lorax

The next morning, my sil Laura was in a bind and needed me to watch her three kiddos.(Her sister was about to have a baby.) So Cody and I fed 9 kids(8 boys and 1 girl)! Crazy but fun! They all got outside for water slide fun and popsicles. They played endlessly for a few hours and by lunch we were back down to just our three boys. 
Colton, Luke and Hayden

My niece Livvy, Cooper, Carter, Ian, my nephews Landon and Luke

My Carter 
It was definitely busy around here but I have to say I loved the smiles and laughter that filled our house! 


KERRY said...

So now you know how easy it is to take care of 9 kids we shall expect to see you add to your brood? Lol
I am loving the looks of that slide, so much fun!!

M.O.T.B said...

soooo fun! Looks crazy:)