Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giving it to HIM

The votes are in and although the President did not have our vote, in our home we will be good examples for our boys. My big boys had voted at school and they were disappointed with the outcome when they woke up this morning. Cody and I told them to remember that it is okay to be disappointed but to always be respectful of others and to respect our president. Most of all we told them to remember that Jesus is the President of ALL presidents!!! In our home we will pray for our leaders and give it to GOD!

When I went into the kitchen to make lunches this morning, I found this note from my hubby. Talk about a good man! I am a blessed girl! (Hope he doesn't mind me posting it)


April said...

I was disappointed about the outcome too but like you said, we have to leave our worries in God's hands. What a beautiful note from your hubby! So special and such a treasure!

Hillary said...

Ohhh, so sweet! How do our hubby's come from the same gene pool and are still so different? :) I'm going to have to forward this link to him for him to read your post today! On another note, you all are so completely right! O didn't have our vote either, but at the end of the day I'm still thankful that we live in a great nation of choice with the ability to vote. So many people live in countries that have no choice at all! Lots of love to you all today1