Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Our 4th of July was pretty busy but fun. The boys did get to sleep in and then Colton and Cooper went with Cody to the Missions game cause he had to be there for work. They had a fun but hot time helping and hanging out with him. Then we all went to a couple's shower for  Brad and Lexi(their wedding is Friday). Our boys ran around and had lots of fun while we visited our friends.
After we left the shower, we got pints of ice cream and drinks and parked in a place where we could watch the fireworks from the back of the truck. (The actual park where they set the fireworks off, gets way too crowded.) It was relaxing and a great show! We all loved it! 
Eating ice cream and waiting for the fireworks to start

Cooper loved waving this flag around. 

Carter showing me his glowstick


Love my family!! 

Carter used his glow stick to do lots of singing--so cute!!

Hope you all had a fun filled day!! 

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KERRY said...

Such a cute family photo Melanie!!
Glad you guys enjoyed your 4th of July holiday :)