Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend at the coast

We spent this last weekend at the coast. Saturday was fishing as usual for the big boys and the men. They didn't have much luck but they did have a great time! My hubby was awesome and sent me lots of pictures from his phone.
Colton enjoying the cruise

Cooper with my nephew Landon


My brother and my nephew Luke

My dad and Colton

My dad with his four oldest grandkids

While they fished, Carter and I played at the beach with Aunt Laura and Livvy. 

Then on Saturday night, we took our annual trip to a place called Funtrackers. It is awesome! The kids love it! They have bumper cars, go carts, arcades games, bumper boats and other fun rides. Carter was so happy because he got to drive a "little car" too. He did a lot of crashing but kept a big smile on his face the whole time. 

Colton and Landon are big enough for the big go carts. They get to have some real speed and they love it. For some reason my camera took awful pictures of them, so this is the only one that I could post. 

Carter and I rode a train ride that looked simple and fun. But it was pretty deceiving. It went fast and went backwards and forwards, Not good for this Mama after a big Mexican food dinner. =) (I love rides but not ones that go in a perfect circle endlessly.) But he loved it! 

Onto the bumper boats...they boys had so much fun! They got soaked and soaked Aunt Laura too. She was a good sport though! 

Look at poor Laura trying to protect herself. =)

Drenched cousins =)

On our way our of town, we stopped to do some souvenir shopping and Carter wanted his picture taken in this prop. Hilarious!! I don't think he understood why we thought it was so funny or why his brothers chose not to have their picture taken, but he laughed too. =)

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Hillary said...

Looks like so much fun! Y'all made some wonderful memories!