Friday, July 27, 2012

Life is short!

Yesterday was a heart wrenching day. I attended the funeral of a beautiful 16 year old girl, Kali Gorzell, who died tragically in a boating accident. (My husband has worked with her dad for years and they have become great friends.)

The service was an amazing tribute to what a wonderful girl she was. She impacted so many in her short time on this earth. As the slide show of adorable pictures played, I sobbed. I mean in a way, I could barely control. Although I had never met this precious girl, I just ached for her family and friends. As the baby pictures of her played on, I couldn't help but put myself in her parents' place. Just unimaginable what they are going through. The message was so impactful though. This sweet girl lived like we should all strive to live. She loved Jesus and she loved those around her. The motto her family and friends have started is " Live Like Kali" because she was such a light in this world. What an amazing way to be remembered!!

When I left there, I had a horrible migraine. I also just needed to hug and be with my boys. I came home to Colton and Cooper(Carter was napping) running to me and saying, " We missed you Mama", " I love you Mama!" Music to my ears. We laid on the palate on the floor that they made for us to watch a movie while Carter napped, and I snapped this picture with my phone.

Just what I needed, to cuddle up close and hold two of my three babies tight. (Wish Carter was awake but he needs his naps) Definitely, the best cure for an aching head and heart!!
This day was just one more reminder of how short life is, how important it is to make sure that those you love know it and how important it is to love Jesus!!
Live Like Kali!!! 


Hillary said...

I'm tearing up just thinking about it! Love you all soo much!


KERRY said...

Such a sad story and I just cannot imagine what her family are going through. It is heartbreaking when you think of the things she will never get to do, I am so sorry for Kali and her family.
You hug those boys tight Melanie...xoxo

Brandi said...

So sad!!! I'm about to go and smooch all over my babies and hold them close!!!!!

April said...

That is so very sad! I cannot imagine the pain and heartache they are going through. Praying for them.