Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random acts

Our church has been doing this great project that I love. The goal is to randomly do something nice, it can be big or small, for someone you may or may not know and then leave this card behind. 

Why? Because God loves us and calls us to love others! His Spirit leads us to share His love with others. 
Here is what the boys and I did last night as our first random act. We left this sign on the gumball machine at Adobe restaurant. 

The boys put their quarters, from their piggy banks on there and were excited to see that most of them were gone when we left. 
We had a great discussion about how even the small things can make someone smile. And how important it is to give something to someone else and to expect nothing in return. The Lord above does that for us endlessly!!  
Today as we drove through Whataburger to get lunch, we paid for the lunch of the lady in the car behind us. You should have seen the cashier's face when I said, " I want to pay for her lunch. Will you give her this card?" He was like, "Uh okay?" Then he read the card and smiled so big. When we had to move up, I looked in my side mirror and the lady was waving so big to make me see her. We ended up next to each other at a light and she rolled down her window and said, " Thank you so much, that was too kind!" My boys got such a kick out of how excited she was. Now, they are thinking about what can be our next random act. =) 
Anyone have any fun ideas? 


April Westerhold said...

I LOVE this!!!

KERRY said...

This is absolutely the sweetest thing you guys are doing!!! You are a wonderful mummy Melanie, your boys will learn so much from you.
How about a coffee and muffin on the doorstep of a frazzled mum one morning?
Or have a pizza delivered to your neighbour for dinner?

Texas Mom said...

How awesome! I am so proud of your precious precious boys. Good job!

Earl-Leigh said...

I love that! This is such a wonderful idea.