Friday, February 3, 2012

My little sickie

Okay, so to update you...I took Carter to the Dr. this morning. When they took his oxygen it was low(95) so they swabbed him for strep and RSV. But luckily, both tests came back negative. Dr. B said his lungs were also tight so we did a breathing treatment(which Carter did not like) but his oxygen level didn't come up. When she listened to his lungs again she said they were crackly... not good.=(  Oh and  he now has double ear infections even though he was on an antibiotic. Our Dr. believes that he caught something totally different than he had on Monday.  Long story short, she gave us a new antibiotic and a nebulizer to do breathing treatments three times a day for 5 days. She did send us over for an x-ray just to be safe and luckily it was clear.
I thought this sticker was too cute!!

 So she called it Bronchiolitus. My poor little man, he felt pretty bad today. I have given him two more breathing treatments since we got home. The first one he was feeling pretty miserable. He wouldn't hold the mask and he gave me some not so happy eyes.

 But the second one, he held the mask, watched TV and played on the iPad. He is such a trooper! Sure hope these meds work fast!!!


SimplyBillie said...

Aww... poor guy! But, thankfully, it's not more serious. Hope he gets better soon!

Texas Mom said...

Poor Carter. He is so precious! Thank goodness the RSV was negative!